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Smart lighting

Total control with just one switch

With smart lighting, you can change the atmosphere in your home with the touch of a button. One remote control puts you in charge of up to 10 different wireless LED lights. Dim them, turn them on or off, and change the warmth of their glow. Our smart lighting range includes wireless LED bulbs, panels, and doors for furniture too. Combine them in your home any way you like and control them with our easy-to-use remote control.

Experience IKEA Home smart

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It's easy to start enjoying smart light

Turn on or dim the lights without leaving your sofa. Or change the mood by switching from colder to warmer white light. Smart lighting kits have all you need to start enjoying all this and more. If you want, you can add other smart home products, like bulbs that change colour, later on.

See all smart lighting kits
See all smart lighting kits