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You’re home here

We all know that your home is so much more than a house. Working at IKEA (Ingka Group) is also so much more than a job!

As one of us you will be part of a fast-paced, innovative, value-driven and fun team. We are all home furnishing entrepreneurs! We are the world’s largest home furnishing retailer, operating in 43 countries with over 150,000 co-workers… and we are always growing.

We value togetherness and respect and believe that by each of us being ourselves we all make a valuable contribution to IKEA’s continued success. We are truly global, very diverse, and we all have Talent… in an incredible variety of ways. We also really like to have fun; with a twinkle in our eyes and an ever-present sense of humour!

A world of exciting job opportunities awaits!

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This is IKEA

Job areas

Some of us wear a yellow shirt. Some of us don’t.


We want customers to find what they’re looking for. Our retail co-workers have a passion for home furnishing and are naturally great at anticipating what customers need and want. Their friendly smiles can be found in the Showroom, in the Market Hall, at Checkout, and Returns and Exchanges.


Beyond the store, we have co-workers behind-the-scenes working diligently to make IKEA better for the many people. From Human Resources, IT, Finance and Marketing, we’ve got specialized co-workers in our Service Office focused on creating long-term value and transforming the IKEA business for the better.


Shopping can make you hungry, and whether a customer is interested in sitting down for a traditional Swedish meal, or opting for a quick hotdog, we have Food co-workers in the Restaurant, Bistro/Café, Swedish Food Market Specialty Shop and Co-worker Restaurant ready to satisfy any cravings.

Communication & Interior Design

We develop products and solutions that make life better for the many people. Our Communication & Interior Design co-workers ensure that our product range is displayed “in function” and in extremely eye-catching and innovative ways: to fulfill both our customer’s needs and to fulfill their dreams for a beautiful and functional home at a very reasonable price.


Some of our products are easier for our customers to pick up, and some are more complicated. That’s why we have both Self-Serve and Full-Serve Warehouses in our stores, as well as separate Distribution Centres that ship products to our customers and our stores. Positions in our warehouses include Receiving and Replenishment… and a lot of Forklift Drivers.

Call Centre

Customers have questions, and our Call Centre co-workers are ready to lend a helping hand. Whether a customer is inquiring about product measurements or would like to speak with someone about their order, a friendly knowledgeable voice is there to answer.

Your IKEA journey could take you anywhere.

        How to apply

        Applying for a job at IKEA is easy:

        1. Use our job search engine to find the job that interests you
        2. Submit an updated resume

        That’s all! We’ll notify you once we’ve received your application and keep you posted.

        • Ready to apply? Here are some resume tips!

          1. Use a clean font and make clear points about the following areas:

          - Your key skills and personal attributes

          - Your employment history/ volunteer experience

          - Your education

          2. Be sure to highlight skills or experience relevant to the job you are applying for

          3. No working experience yet? No problem! Provide your school and volunteer experience!

          4. What makes you stand out? Be yourself and show us who you are!

        Recruitment Process

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