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We are currently experiencing limited supply in our sofa range, impacting availability of some leather sofas, sofa-beds, chaises and footstools with storage. While we cannot guarantee when supply will be available, we anticipate delays will continue over the next several months.


Your everyday sofa for special occasions too

Sofas take center stage, especially when friends and family get together. With a sofa and armchair, everyone in the family can get comfortable. No matter how many (or how few) you are, your sofa is always ready to welcome you no matter the occasion.

We have all sorts of cozy sofas to choose from, so you can find a seating solution to sink into that matches a look you love, too. And if you need extra room for guests sleepover, a sofa bed will give them the five-star treatment. The more, the merrier.

ÄPPLARYD sofa – Elegant simplicity with plenty of comfort and style

Say hello to the ÄPPLARYD sofa: sleek lines, spacious seats for reclining and lying down, and soft covers all wrapped up in an elegant, modern design. What’s not to love?

See the ÄPPLARYD series
A woman with white headphones is reclining on a light grey ÄPPLARYD sofa with her head and an arm up on the armrest.
A living room with white walls, a grey/black ÄPPLARYD sofa, a coffee table and white storage units.
See the ÄPPLARYD series
Blue SÖDERHAMN sofa with a pink cushion and assorted plants sitting beside and large framed art on the wall.

Add a fresh new look with sofa covers

Rejuvenate your living room furniture by switching out old covers for some updated ones with a fresh new look. 

See all sofa & armchair covers

Sofas in different styles and sizes

FINNALA series – Modular design which you can customise to fit your space, with loads of hidden storage
FRIHETEN series – Sofas that easily convert into beds, with plenty of storage under the seat
MORABO series – Supportive seat cushions with luxurious fabrics offer the perfect balance between comfort, function and style.
KIVIK series – Comfortable and flexible seating offered at an attractive price
SÖDERHAMN series – Sofas, armchairs and chaise longues with a sleek and modular design that you can combine in many ways
HÄRLANDA series – An extra deep sectional sofa with soft and moveable back cushions

Free 10-year warranty

We offer you a 10-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship that covers frames and cushions of our sofas. And with our STOCKHOLM sofas, this extends to a 25-year guarantee.

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Finding the perfect sofa could be considered an art form. Size, material, colour, upholstery, shape, accessories, and overall design – they all need to be considered. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a couch that doesn’t fit your space, match your overall interior, or is really uncomfortable. The choice can truly make or break the look and feel of an entire living room.

That’s why we have a wide selection of sofas, to make sure you can find your perfect piece of furniture. No matter if you’re on the lookout for a sectional, a sofa bed, an ottoman or accessories; you’re guaranteed to find it here. And to help you even further, we've put together a quick guide to assist you in your choice.

What kind of sofa do you need?

First, you should consider what you’ll be using your sofa for. Without a clear purpose, it’ll be hard to make a well-founded decision. And a sofa isn’t something you’ll want to be changing anytime soon.

With room to spare

Is it to be an elegant centrepiece in a modern living room? Or a place where the entire family can gather for the Friday pizza dinner and movie marathons? Then you should be looking at sectional sofas. That way, you can put together the pieces just how you prefer it, to make sure there’s enough room for everyone.

Compact living made easy

If you’re living in a smaller space, you might be considering a sofa bed. And you should! It’s the perfect solution to a tricky problem: it’s a chill place to hang out by day, and a soft and relaxing bed by night. Simply fold out the mattress when it’s time to go to bed, and then tuck it away behind or below the cushions in the morning.

Wondering what to do with the cushions and duvet when you’re not using the sofa as a bed? No problem, get yourself a couch with a storage solution underneath, where you can place everything when you don’t need it.

Don’t forget to measure

Make sure to measure your room properly, so you can find a balance between your sofa and the rest of the furniture. You want the area to feel calm, not crowded because of the lack of space and air.

Here, you should also decide on the shape of the couch. Do you have enough room for an L-shaped or a U-shaped sofa? Or should you opt for a rectangular 2- or 3-seater?

The final touch: style

Once you’ve decided on the size and type of sofa, you need to choose a style to accompany the rest of the room and its interior. For example, if you’ve got a modern look going, get yourself a sofa that’s in the minimalist style. It’ll create a well-balanced impression.

But if you’re more of a bold type of person, why not try a patterned fabric? It could be the perfect addition to really make the room pop. And if you’re going for a complete look, don’t forget to match with beautiful curtains and nice, soft rugs.