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Under bed storage

Turn sleeping space into storage space

Need more space for your stuff? Our under bed storage lets you keep things like duvets or winter clothes in storage boxes or in a storage unit at the foot of your bed. So your things stay out of the way but still close at hand.

Our clever bed storage solutions transform your unused spaces into places you can use to keep your stuff. Create more space in your bedroom with our underbed storage boxes. Store clothes, bedlinen, shoes or whatever you want and out of sight, but still within easy reach. At the same time, you’ll have one less place to vacuum, and there will be no room under your bed for neither monsters nor dust bunnies to hide. Under bed storage also allows you to free up some much needed space in dressers and chests of drawers by storing things under your bed and out of the way while sleeping on them.


Underbed storage for every style

If you’re keeping something under a bed, style might not be your first concern. But on the other hand, depending on the linen and covers you’re using, the sides of the boxes might still be visible. And depending on what you store in there, you might open the boxes quite often. So, the look and feel of the storage container is well worth considering.

Would you prefer a discrete black box? Or a clear plastic box, so you can easily see what’s stored inside? Or maybe a classy basket with a cotton cover? In our wide selection, you’ll be able to find underbed storage boxes that fit your needs, no matter what style or preferences you have. If you have even greater storage needs, why not try a bed frame with built in storage?


How much under bed storage do you need?

Some of our under-bed storage boxes are small enough that you can fit two of them under a normal sized bed, some are even sold as sets of two, perfectly shaped to maximize use of the space under your bed or bed frame. If you’re not sure how many boxes you can fit under your bed, read the detailed product descriptions of each box to find the exact measurements.