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Candle holders & candles

Who says you always need a special occasion to light some candles and use your favourite candle holders? You can create a cozy atmosphere at home anytime, any day of the week. With our wide range of scented and unscented candles, tea lights and flameless candles, you'll find all you need to dim the lights and turn on the atmosphere.

Set the mood with a new lantern

Spread the warmth! Lanterns are tailored for the task. Even better, now there are two new styles for block candles to choose from: the fairytale-evoking BEFÄSTA, and the more modern-line ENRUM model. Which kind of cozy are you?

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A calm, white-on-white space with a BEFÄSTA block candle lantern and a DEKAD alarm clock placed on a SONGESAND bedside table.
A lit candle in a deep-green ENRUM block candle lantern placed next to a winding branch on a decorated mantlepiece.
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