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Candle holders & candles

Who says you always need a special occasion to light some candles and use your favourite candle holders? You can create a cozy atmosphere at home anytime, any day of the week. With our wide range of scented and unscented candles, tea lights and flameless candles, you'll find all you need to dim the lights and turn on the atmosphere.

We see a pattern here

With its simple design in metal inspired by the traditional Scandinavian style, the new BERGGRAN candle holder adds a raw yet decorative feel and a crafted-looking touch to your home. Light a candle in it and turn the whole room into a cozy light-and-shadow show.

A BERGGRAN candleholder with a tea light lit, reflecting the pattern against a maroon-coloured wall.
A neatly arranged row of six grey BERGGRAN tea light holders with lit tea lights in a maroon-coloured space.

Put several together and make your space glow

Lighting a candle is one of the easiest (and least-expensive) ways to cast an enchanting spell on any space. From a golden touch to timeless design there’s a tealight holder for any moment. Or why not use it as a miniature vase for cuttings and sprouts?

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Two clear glass SMÄLLSPIREA vases and small branches in water. Three small glass tealight holders on a dark brown table.
A PÄRLBAND tealight holder in clear glass and a golden frame on a white round table. A white bowl and light brown tableware.
Four round GALEJ tealight holders in clear glass with burning candles, neatly grouped together on a white chest of drawers.
A SLIPPRIG tealight holder in handmade sedge with a burning candle placed on a grey tray with a vase and a pink tablecloth.
Several SMÄLLSPIREA tealight holders neatly grouped together on a round dark table, candles creating a cozy mood light.
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The art of choosing the perfect candles and holders

Create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home with the right selection of candles and candle holders.

The soft flicker of candlelight can instantly transform any space into a haven of tranquillity. Candles are not just a source of light; they are a décor staple that can enhance the mood of any room. Whether you're looking to create a cozy nook for reading or a vibrant setting for dinner parties, candles offer versatility and charm. With a variety of shapes, sizes, and scents, you can tailor the ambiance to suit your mood or event. Small candle holders, on the other hand, add a touch of elegance and are perfect for dotting around smaller spaces or clustering together for a more dramatic effect. 

What should you consider when selecting candle holders?

When choosing candle holders, consider the size and style of the room, as well as the candles they will accommodate. For larger candles, robust holders with a sturdy base will ensure safety and stability. Small candle holders are ideal for tea lights and can be placed on shelves, tables, or fireplace mantels to add a subtle glow. The design of the holder should complement your interior decor while also reflecting your style. From minimalist designs to more ornate patterns, the right holder can act as a statement piece or blend seamlessly into the background, letting the candle's flame take centre stage. 

Turn off the lights and bring out the candles

When it’s time to amplify your home décor for special occasions like romantic dinners alone, the holidays or birthday parties, add a sense of style while creating a warm atmosphere with candles. Create a more intimate feel for cozy movie nights by dimming the lights and adding the glow of a candle. You can also dramatically alter everyday spaces by putting tea lights out with each place setting during elegant dinner parties.

Creative ways to display candles and holders

Displaying candles and holders can be as creative as you like. Grouping candles of varying heights can add depth and interest to any display while pairing them with small candle holders in different materials can create a unique and eclectic look. For a more cohesive design, choose holders that follow a consistent theme or colour palette. You can also use candle holders as part of a centrepiece on a dining table or as accents in a bathroom for a spa-like retreat. The key is to play with arrangement and context, ensuring that the candles and holders not only provide light but also contribute to the overall aesthetic of your space.

Candles for every occasion and room

Find candles to help with everyday relaxation, to add warmth and sophistication to your décor style and to highlight special moments in any area of the home. 

Scented candles

Relax in the tub while enjoying the calming aroma of lilac scented candles. Or use 12 to 50 hour burning candles in scents that recall Spring or the smell of flowers growing outside of the home you stayed out in Spain several summers back. Once the long-burning candles are spent, use the holders for scented tea lights that burn for up to 3.5 hours.

Flameless candles

Choose a safe, worry free option in candles that you can leave alone in your bathroom, porch or kitchen during dinner parties, birthdays or Halloween parties. Find LED flameless candles as pillar candles, tea lights or as long, elegant options fit for a candelabra on the dining room table.

Chandelier candles

Find slender and tall unscented candles in 8 or 20 packs to add an alluring glow to a room while standing on dining room hutches or tables, as well as atop a piano or kitchen tables.

Tealight or votive candles

Pair scented votive light candles available in affordable 30 packs with tiny glass candle holders to decorate each table setting at a fancy dinner party. Our tealights usually burn up to 3.5 hours.

Pillar candles

Light hallways or bathrooms with tall or short pillar candles for a radiant ambience—especially when placing them atop bronze or silver coloured serving trays. Find them individually or in packs of 4 or 5.