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Due to the industry-wide impacts of COVID-19 on the supply chain, we currently have a significant supply delay impacting the availability of our bedroom furniture range. While we continue working closely with our suppliers and partners to replenish stock as quickly as possible, we cannot estimate, nor can we guarantee when supply will be available.


Get cozy in your perfect bed

There are lots of beds, but feeling good when you wake up starts with finding the right one. Choose one that’s big enough to stretch out, but cozy enough to snuggle up tight. Our beds and bed frames are built to last for years – in a style that you’ll love just as long.

A bed with storage can use your floor space to the full

To make better use of a small room, you can combine sleep and storage in one with a NORDLI bed frame. Add in some storage boxes to divide up your drawers and keep things organized.

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A woman sitting in white NORDLI bed while playing guitar with her partner beside her. Several large windows across the back wall with shelving and a chair.
A white NORDLI Queen bed with open drawers that are filled with books, accessories and a blanket.
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There are loads of different kinds of beds – all comfortable – but for different needs, different people, different living spaces and different stages in life. We have a wide selection of all sorts of beds – from bunk beds for the kids’ bedroom to luxurious king size beds with headboards for the master bedroom. And that’s far from all, we offer everything from daybeds to sofa beds, from divan beds to cribs for the youngest children. Many of our beds come with different mattresses with various choices of firmness, so you have full control of the kind of comfort you prefer when laying down for a night’s rest.

Bed frames

Most of our beds are sold with separate bed frames and separate mattresses. This means you can combine the style and look of your bed with the mattress of your choice. Our wide assortment of bed frames makes it easy for you to find a size and style you like. With the right bed frame, you can also choose the height of your bed, which can make it easier getting out of bed – at least physically – you still have to fight the lust of staying in a warm cozy bed.

Some of our bed frames also have practical storage built-in, such as drawers or other clever solutions. For instance, a loft bed can have shelves or cupboards underneath. Great if you have limited space or want to maximize the space your bed takes up.

Bed sizes

Beds come in all different shapes and sizes. Even though they might look different, and different bed frames can have different dimensions, the standards for bed sizes for adults are the same. The mattress will normally be 200 cm long, but the width will vary. Beds for kids, like cribs and so on, will have other sizes, both length and width. For adults the width will determine the bed size. Below you can see our standard bed sizes for adults from narrowest to widest:

· Twin or single bed: 105 – 111 cm

· Full/Double bed: 195 cm

· Queen size bed: 157 – 168 cm

· King size bed: 207 – 213 cm