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Bathroom sinks

Due to the industry-wide impacts of COVID-19 on the supply chain, we are currently experiencing significant delays with our bathroom sink tops. While we continue working closely with our suppliers and partners to replenish stock as quickly as possible, we cannot estimate wait times, nor can we guarantee complete availability if you choose to move forward with your bathroom vanity purchase today.

If you are unable to book a sink top, we do not recommend installing your vanity or booking your contractor until you have received all items needed to complete the install.

Get more space at the sink

Bathroom & vanity sinks should be practical and suit your style, so that why we have lots of options for you. We carry vessel sinks designed to fit on top of bathroom cabinets, giving you space for all your creams and lotions. We also have double bathroom sinks to cut rush-hour teeth brushing queues. With most of our range you can add any of our bathroom faucets to complete the look