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Worthy of your favourite meals

Cooking a meal you love should be as fun as it is to eat it. And since a lot of that has to do with the cookware, we offer durable pots and pans that make it a treat to sauté, steam and boil your way through your favourite recipes. All at prices that mean you can afford to treat yourself to dessert as well.

ANNONS glass/stainless steel cookware set shown from above on a wood surface.

A low price to pay for everyday

Our never-ending mission is to provide high quality products that fit your budget. With smarter designs, flat packaging and efficient, high-volume production, we are always looking for ways to lower costs without ever compromising on quality.

Shop ANNONS cookware set

Make your table sizzle with pots and pans of cast iron

Get a perfect crisp with a VARDAGEN cast iron grill pan. It’s great for high temperature cooking, and its traditional and rustic look gives your table arrangement a flair of a fancy restaurant. Keep side dishes warm in an enamelled cast iron pot or casserole. Durable and robust cookware, they will last for years.

Fried vegetables are sizzling in a black VARDAGEN grill pan made of cast iron, placed on a table with plates and glasses.
Two black VARDAGEN casseroles are placed on a wooden table, one with a lid and the other open with cooked mushrooms inside.

All types of cookware essentials

Get everything you need to cook elaborate home meals for the family, or to pull off show stopping dinner parties or holiday get-togethers with affordable kitchenware from IKEA Canada. Find cookware and kitchen accessories featuring a smart design right down to the materials they’re made with.

Find all your stove top needs for sauce, stock and soup making with a wide offering in pots and pans, including stock pots, cookware sets, saucepans and pressure cookers where stainless steel, enameled steel or stainless steel and aluminum cookware provide fast, even heating and heat retention.

The same materials put heat absorption and retention on display in IKEA cooking pans. Call upon woks, grill pans, sauté pans and frying pans & skillets to help you excel as a cook with kitchen pans tailored to specific applications and recipes. As with kitchen pots, find pans treated with a non stick coating or ones without.

Choose from a variety of durable materials, including felspar porcelain, stoneware, and treated glass that allow oven dishes to double as elegant serving dishes in any Scandinavian décor style dining room. Meanwhile, stainless steel roasting trays are built to go from the oven to the stove for help in making gravy after roasting chicken or lamb.

Looking to make a certain step of the cooking process easier? You’ll find that missing piece in putting a lid on any hiccups with our range of  kitchen accessories. Find steamers, double boiler inserts, pot holders and lids.

Frequently asked questions about cookware

What material is cookware made from?

Materials make kitchen cookware durable and easy to clean. From pots and pans in stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel or steel and aluminum, there is a variety of choices that provide quick, easy heating along with good heat retention. Find stoneware, ceramicware and glassware in oven dishes that offer durability while being attractive as serving dishes.

What is considered cookware?

Any dish, kitchen pot and pan or roasting tray that you can cook with on the stove or in the oven.

What cookware do professional chefs use?

Kitchen pots and pans that quickly transfer heat. Chefs look for even heat absorption and retention that offers a level of control to prevent ingredients from sticking, burning or cooking in an uneven way.