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Paper & media organizers

File it away or box it in

File holders, boxes, whiteboards, noticeboards and paper organizers are great clutter solvers. It can mean the difference between paying that bill on time, or losing it amidst a sea of papers on your desk. Whether you're storing your child's artwork or all those extra cables, our boxes and organizers are designed to fit your stuff and our storage furniture.

Co-workers to keep your desk accessories in check

A proper desk and chair is a great start, but there’s a lot more you can do to optimise your workspace. Find the magazine files, organizers, monitor stands and clutter controllers to tailor your space for work, studies and more.

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A DRÖNJÖNS desk organizer and TJENA magazine file stand on top of SUSIG desk pad.
    Desktop with sewing material in KUGGIS and NOJIG boxes, writing accessories in a white TJENA organizer, and a TERTIAL lamp.
      See all desk organizers and accessories

      Treat yourself to an organized, harmonious desk

      Do you waste time when you should be working trying to find your stuff? Declutter your desk and keep it looking neat and tidy with the right desk organisers and accessories.

      DRÖNJÖNS series
      TJENA series
      KVISSLE series