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Welcome to IKEA Canada

High standards. Lower prices.

Our never-ending mission is to provide high-quality products that fit your budget. With smarter designs, flat packaging, and efficient, high-volume production, we are always looking for ways to lower costs without ever compromising on quality.

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HEKTAR floor lamp behind a green sofa in a living room.
A child is sitting on a dining chair and playing the piano.
A lit HEKTAR floor lamp shines on a blue sofa in a living room.
A HEKTAR floor lamp in a bright living room beside a beige sofa.
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Happening right now

Video: A video clip of a girl doing situps and exercises at home, with DAJLIEN products, and a man walking across the street.

Training isn’t everything...

DAJLIEN is a new, limited collection of multi-functional training gear that aims to inspire training in your everyday life, through easy-to-use pieces designed to fit seamlessly into the home. 

Because training isn’t everything. But everything can be training.

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Restful nights lead to productive days

Discover how the IKEA bedroom range can improve your sleep quality, giving you that perfect, comfortable sleep you crave! 

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Video: A video of a man sleeping comfortably in bed.
A woman is in bed holding a RUMSMALVA pillow.
A bed with DVALA pillow cases and ÄNGSLILJA duvet cover.
A woman is putting on a ÄNGSKORN mattress protector on her bed.
A lit SYMFONISK speaker lamp by the bedside.
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Furniture and inspiration to Bring Home to Life

At IKEA Canada you will find well-designed furniture, home décor and accessories that are functional and affordable. We have everything from IKEA Kitchens and smart home solutions to a large selection of modern bedroom furniture, sofas, lighting, curtains, bedding and more. Explore an IKEA furniture store near you or browse to find design inspiration and get tons of decoration ideas that will help you live in a much more comfortable and sustainable way. Discover our wide selection of products in store or online!