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Integrated lighting

So your clothes can't hide in the dark

Dark wardrobes do not make for a quick choice of clothing in the morning. Our integrated wardrobe lighting can help you see what you have to wear (or don't!). The LED lights in our KOMPLEMENT series are designed to fit perfectly in our PAX wardrobes. They don't emit much heat, so they're ideal for narrow spaces. Simply open the door, and they're on.

Want to find your things more easily?

Integrated lighting for cabinets or shelves means less time searching for stuff, and some types also help you give your kitchen a cozier atmosphere.

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A cabinet full of SÄLLSKAPLIG wine glasses and mugs. With a MITTLED LED spotlight on top.
Multiple products are hanging from a rail with MITTLED LED strip on top of them in a kitchen.
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An open kitchen drawer with a bamboo cutlery tray filled with kitchen utensils

How to choose IKEA integrated lighting

Whether you are looking for integrated lighting accessories to enhance the functionality of your storage system, or add a modern touch to your home, we have the perfect lighting solution for you.

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Four LADDA rechargeable batteries, HR6 AA with a battery capacity of 1900 mAh, lie beside each other on a yellow surface.

See how lighting inside a wardrobe or cabinet and rechargeable batteries can help you find things quicker.

LED strip lights let you get creative with your lighting. Attach LED strip lights wherever you want an extra light source – in cabinets and bookshelves, under your bed, behind your tv, in drawers or closets or wherever a touch of light would help brighten up a space.

LED light strips have several characteristics that come in handy when adding lighting inside or around furniture. The LED strip doesn’t emit much heat, which makes it perfectly safe to use in close confined spaces like a drawer or a wardrobe. Another advantage is that the LED-lights consume less energy than an incandescent light bulb - in fact, LED strips last up to 20 times longer.


Interior design with flexible integrated LED strip lights

Add style and atmosphere to your home with our LED light strips - it’s a simple and affordable way to add a big effect. Accentuate a painting, create an atmospheric desk space, or light up the content of a cabinet with our multi-purpose LED strips.

An LED strip is a very flexible light source, since it can be attached almost anywhere with double-sided tape. Some of our LED strips can also be cut to your desired length to fit exactly where you want them. Or if you would prefer a longer LED strip than any of the ones in our selection – there are LED strips that you can connect to up to four separate pieces into one long straight line or L-shape. This gives you flexibility to create your own perfect lighting.

For even more flexibility you can also explore dimmable LED lights. We have dimmable LED light strips that work very well in the kitchen on top of your countertop. Choose between strong bright lights when preparing food with precision, or soft background lighting when eating dinner.


Smart lighting

Another option for you to explore is using your LED strip lights with a smart gateway. With a gateway you can connect your lights to a smart assistant such as Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Sonos and many more. This lets you control your lights with either our IKEA Home smart app or with your voice using one of the smart assistants. Read more about smart lighting here.