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Cords & chargers

Stay powered up!

They are called “mobile” devices for a reason – you can easily carry them with you and use them whenever and wherever you want. They're super useful and super handy – at least until they run out of battery. That's why we offer a range of power cables, phone chargers, power banks and more that help you make sure your devices stay fully charged and powered up.

Desktop essentials for your home office

Traditional items like a desk, chair and lamp combo are still important working buddies. Be sure to bring the cords, chargers and gear to keep all screens running.

A desktop with a dark-grey LILLHULT USB-A-to-USB-C cord, a black and white SVALLET work lamp and a black LIVBOJ wireless charger.
A white NORDMARKE wireless charger is placed in a pulled out desk tray with an opened laptop sitting on top
A guide to LADDA rechargeable batteries, battery chargers and sustainability.

IKEA is switching to rechargeable batteries

IKEA is switching from alkaline AA and AAA batteries to rechargeable ones. Find out more about LADDA rechargeable batteries, battery chargers and sustainability here.

See the LADDA guide