TÅRTSMET Dish brush with soap dispenser, green
TÅRTSMET Dish brush with soap dispenser, green

With this brush you literally have the washing-up liquid right in your hand. All that’s needed is a light push of the green button to spread it out over your dirty dishes. Smart, right?

Article Number304.504.16

Product details

A light push on the top of the brush is all that is needed to dispense the dish detergent directly onto your dirty dishes.Easy to store since you can place the dishwashing brush upside down on the handle’s flat top.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

  • Buttons:Synthetic rubber
    Lid/ Connector:Polypropylene
    Bottom:High impact polystyrene
    Spring:Stainless steel
    Ring:Silicone rubber
  • TÅRTSMETDish brush with soap dispenserArticle no:304.504.16
    Height: 3 ½ " (9 cm)Weight: 3 oz (0.08 kg)Diameter: 3 ½ " (9 cm)Package(s): 1

Product size

3 " (88 mm)
3 " (85 mm)
1.1 oz (31 ml)


Trash designAlison8604Should have known this wasn’t very good because of the price. The soap just leaks out... whether you put it upright or upside down.1
HandyPaul1955Handy little gizmo and a decent price.5
just scrubbing my cooking pansme 07bought this a week ago and dissapointed it leaks out the dish soap by it self even when not in usage. tried to put it upside down still the same.2
Won’t hold soapSc9999Love the idea, however, the soap leaked out no matter which way I stored it. Now it is just a scrubber without soap1
It leaksDubs46It works just fine as a dish brush and the idea of having it pre-soaped is great. One must be prepared to have a dish soap puddle wherever you set it down and 1/4 of the soap you put into it gone. It doesn't matter which way you set it down. Both ends leak. It is kind of cute though.2
rnorJust as good as the more expensive ones5
Cheap product that doesn’t workElle ElleThe lid pops off and spills soap. Useless.1
It leakspiyleoMy expectation was that the soap will dispense when you press the top green button. However the dish brush was leaking soap without pressing anything and it also leaked from the top when laid sideways. Currently using only the brush without the soap.2
Kitchen gadgetCate52Handiest little scrubber I've ever had.5
Easy to use fit my handIkea lover IkeaDesign is modern. Transparent so I know when to refill the dish soap5
Very durable.KimminypipThe price was right for the office.5
KTO4Rcommended: Good brush, no leaks5
Dish cleaningPracticalityLove the idea but has not worked as expected. Not receiving enough soap to properly clean dishes. I am going to try different soap to see if that helps.3

Dish brush with soap dispenser, green

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TÅRTSMET Dish brush with soap dispenser, green