SYMFONISK Table lamp with WiFi speaker, white
SYMFONISK Table lamp with WiFi speaker, white
SYMFONISK Table lamp with WiFi speaker, white
SYMFONISK Table lamp with WiFi speaker, white
SYMFONISK Table lamp with WiFi speaker, white
SYMFONISK Table lamp with WiFi speaker, white
SYMFONISK Table lamp with WiFi speaker, white
SYMFONISK Table lamp with WiFi speaker, white

Speaker and lamp in one, so that your technology blends into your home. Also helps you save space, for example on a bedside table or side table, while providing a rich sound that fills the entire room.

Article Number604.351.65

Product details

The table lamp with speaker is a collaboration between IKEA and Sonos, so it easily integrates with other products from Sonos.This table lamp with speaker has a rich and vibrant sound that fills the entire room and allows you to create the right atmosphere at home.SYMFONISK WiFi speaker allows you to stream music, radio and podcasts from your network and streaming services.Supports all of the major music streaming subscription services.You can control each speaker individually, so you can play music in one room while the children are listening to an audiobook in another one, or play the same sound throughout the home.Compatible with Airplay 2 so you can stream audio directly from your Apple devices.You can stream music, podcasts and radio via Wi-Fi without interruptions from phone calls or notifications. The music keeps playing even when your phone or tablet is not around.If you want stereo sound, you can buy two identical speakers.You can use two identical speakers as rear speakers for a Sonos home theatre system.The glass lampshade is mouth blown by a skilled craftsperson. Small variations give each product a unique character.Turning off the light with the knob does not turn off the speaker.The speaker's features will be enhanced through continuous software updates.The services for streaming music vary between different regions, information about your region can be found on the Sonos website.To control this AirPlay 2-enabled speaker, iOS 11.4 or later is required.Apple and AirPlay are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the USA and other countries.You control the speaker with the Sonos app.Download Sonos app via Google Play or App Store, depending on which mobile device you have.Works with IKEA Home smart.Use with a LED bulb E12 max 7W, sold separately.Designer

I Vuorivirta/A Fredriksson

Article Number604.351.65
  • Shade:Glass
    Shade ring/ Cover/ Body/ Lower body:Polycarbonate/ABS plastic
    Front:ABS plastic
    Feet:Silicone rubber
    Wipe clean with a dry cloth.
  • Special waste handling may be required. Please contact your local authorities for more information.
  • SYMFONISKTable lamp with WiFi speakerArticle no604.351.65
    Width: 13 ¼ " (34 cm)Height: 11 " (28 cm)Length: 19 " (48 cm)Weight: 11 lb 5 oz (5.13 kg)Package(s): 1



Table lamp with WiFi speaker

Brand nameIKEA
Model identifiere1776 SYMFONISK
This lamp is compatible with bulbs of the energy classesA++ to B
Average energy classA++

Product size

7 W
9 " (216 mm)
9 " (216 mm)
16 " (401 mm)
Cord length: 
59 " (150 cm)

Ratings and reviews

Great speakerWENDYI love it. Just didn't realize the light bulb wasn't included. It would be awesome to have different light settings.5
Pretty goodARLENEOverall the product is really good. Lights the room up well and the music can be played quite loud. We control it from our phone and an still use our phone without music interruption. It works on low power mode also but we wished there was an actually on and off button for the device. There's the power knob for light and and buttons for volume, that's it.. Overall, pretty good!4
Great sound!ANNIEIt was not difficult to install and it’s good quality. The issue is sometimes the music is cutting in and out and I’ not sure if it’s our network or something to do with the lamp. We are super happy wit the sound though!5
Symfonisk Lamp rocks my spaceDarylI should have picked up these lamps months ago. They look and sound great in my room and added into my existing Sonos speaker system with ease.5
Simply must haveG ma BExquisite sound and subtle lighting. Get the Sonos app on your phone and you get beautiful music at your finger tips using your own play lists or finding new ones. One of my most favorite investments at a fair price.5
Marvellous speaker!WalktheshoresI bought the symfonisk table lamp a month ago and absolutely love it; I use it every day. It was so easy to set up too. The base is amazing on this speaker. Just the right ambiant light for a bedroom. You do have to get the sonos app and a spotify subscription to play your music. However, spotify has so much choice in music selection.4
music and a light - as expectedDGM123Sounds great and I like the mix of form and function. Nice simple packaging. Cardboard box with cardboard moulded inserts and 2 thin bags to protect the base and the glass. Completely recyclable, but even better - easy to reuse if/when it comes time to move.5
Excellent sound, not suitable for dimmerMarmari4We love the sound, however illumination is intense and ugly, not cozy or decorarive, but if you dim it, the sound fades, which should not be, as lighting should be INDEPENDENT4
Good sound, but not great as a Google Home speakerDaphneLeungI wanted to love this speaker, but there are a couple of issues if you use Google Home/Assistant. 1) The light doesn't turn on and off through Google home, must be manually turned on and off; 2) While it works with the Sonos app, the speaker is not recognized as an actual speaker device in Google Home, which means you cannot default your Google Home to use it as the default speaker; 3) It gets wonky with music services because they must be configured through Sonos app, not the Google Home app - this means some services such as news and podcasts that work on my other wifi speakers will not automatically play on this speaker. You can ask it all you want, nothing happens. So in the end, I am returning this speaker. The sound, while quite good, doesn't justify this purchase. I could just buy a lamp and a speaker separately and have a better experience for my setup. Finally, before I purchased at Ikea North York, I asked an employee if all of these things worked with Google Home (lights, speaker default,etc.), and she said yes definitely. She was incorrect on all responses.3
Amazing sound qualityCaligurl7Recently bought this lamp and separately bought the remote to change bulb colours and dim it and it’s amazing . The Sonos app lets you control music even when you’re no where near your lamp it’s connected to wifi not blue tooth so it’s very handy if you still want to use the phone when music is playing ! Love it !5
Looks like a big sock on a lamp.Chris7850Sound is good. Not worth the price though. Aesthetic wise it looks really strange in a room. I would consider buying other wireless devices for much cheaper with better aesthetic.1
Great sound and nice looking lamp!ZebbleInstalled a pair of these in our master bedroom and was very impressed. Sound quality is similar to the Sonos Play:1 and the lamps fit in nicely with our decor. We have a pair of brown-black Malm night stands that these are sitting on. We initially tried the brown-black version of these lamps and they felt too dark on the Malm's. The shade also had a noticeable hotspot and seemed to filter the light a little too much so wasn't as bright or soft as we had hoped. These white lamps have a much more even diffusion through the shade. We installed a pair of E12 Tradfri lamps in these as well, which paired nicely with our existing home automation. The only improvement would be on the E12's themselves. The metal screw is a bit too soft and can easily strip if you screw them in too tightly. I suppose this protects the lamp itself, just something to be aware of.5
SYMFONISK Table lamp with WiFi speaker, white

Our loudest lamp ever

Sound is a mood booster and brings people together, just like light. And both sound and light are outstanding when it comes to creating the right atmosphere. So, what happens when you combine these two forces in one product? To find out, we’ve cooperated with Sonos, specialists in wireless home sound systems.

“We wanted to see what everyday problems we could solve when we brought together our home furnishing knowledge with Sonos’ audio expertise,” says Stjepan Begic, Product Developer at IKEA.

Two in one gives more space

Both light and sound are important elements to create a homey atmosphere. But the problem is that many of us have a lack of space, no matter if we live big or small. And in order to have good sound at home, you often have to use up some of this precious commodity. “So, why not create something that actually gives space back?” says Stjepan. Combining a speaker with an everyday object like a lamp is one way of doing it.

Simplicity is key

With SYMFONISK table lamp you can light up any corner of your home and at the same time play music through your WiFi system. “It’s one cord, but two functions,” says Stjepan. You can stream the same sound to several speakers – or choose different music for different rooms. SYMFONISK also works together with Sonos speakers and is easy to install, even for those of us that aren’t tech wizards. “Insert a light bulb, plug in the cord and download the Sonos app. Follow the instructions and you’re ready to create good vibes at home,” says Stjepan.

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Table lamp with WiFi speaker, white

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Use with a LED bulb E12 max 7W, sold separately.
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SYMFONISK Table lamp with WiFi speaker, white