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SIGNUM Cable management, horizontal, silver color,

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Say goodbye to frustrating cable clutter. Attach this cable trunk under the table top and lead all cables and cords through it to enjoy more orderliness.

Article Number302.002.53

Product details

Collects your cables and cords together. Makes it easier to keep your work area tidy.


IKEA of Sweden


Length: 70 cm (27 ½ ")

Width: 16 cm (6 ¼ ")

Max. load: 10 kg (22 lb 1 oz)

Ratings and reviews

Hate chordsDorisMy office went from a tangled mess of chords to a nice streamlined flow of wires love it!4
Cable ManagementMarcI really didn't think this existed. My daughter was the one who pointed this out to me. After installing this, let's just say that my wife doesn't complain about the cables underneath my desk. That is a win!!!5
Great to hide our cordsVanessaGreat to hide our cords5
Good for Cable ManagementBarryHelps get the nest of cables off the floor and organized out of site. Easy to install. Office looks much tidier!5
Great designBlairI've bought these over and over for several desks at home as well as in a couple of workplaces. They're a great design, as the staggered fingers on the edges let you easily hold cables without having to use velcro or anything, and the center of tray mounts that screw into the desk let you run cables to either side with no hassle, or even wrap around to take up slack.5
GoodGuidothe screws are too long for Bekant IKEA desks3
Hate chordsDorisMy office went from a tangled mess of chords to a nice streamlined flow of wires love it!4
Nicely versatile. The many sidewaysStuartNicely versatile. The many sideways arms of the two different sizes and shapes accept different gauges of wire quite well. It has enough horizontal area to act as a shelf for things such as USB hubs while still managing cords, power and cables. A go-to product5
Sturdy, longer than competitors, but not enough room between the tray and deskRichThese are still some of the best cable management thingies out there. The equivalent from the a-to-z company are half as long as SIGNUM are. One thing that got in my way was that the standoffs are only about 10cm, which is not tall enough to have a power bar sitting in the tray with room for cords coming out the top. But the included thumbscrews are M8x1.25 threaded, so you can get longer bolts at the hardware store and hang SIGNUM lower off your desk. Sandwich bolt head, washer, tray, washer, nut, and then screw the bolt into the standoff.4
Perfect fit for the purposeMustafaYou can easily lay down and wrap the long cords5
Very worth it!KelvinVery worth it!5
Signum for cable managementIanThough not as robust as its predecessor this si still a good way to manage cables under the desk4
Great cable managementStevenThis is perfect to hide all those cables under your desk5
Great, simple productKarlGreat: price, ease of installation, function. Hard to beat this for managing the mess of wires under my desk. 👍5
Good cable managementKariffeGood stuff. Didnt have to cut a hole inside my desk. Just connected this and use to hold all my cables under the desk.5
Easy to install, hides cables wellVerified BuyerBought this to help clean up my desk space. I was able to install it in 15mins and it hides cables well.5
A lot of cable management!EricI added this to the Linnmon work table I got and it's great. The way it's designed gives me a lot of flexibility to arrange all the cables that I would otherwise tangle in my feet.4
Good, but inflexibleVerified BuyerIt is good if you can fit your things in but it isn't particularly large and the coils are stiff, so some objects can be hard to get nestled in just right.4
Nice and neat!AlexHelped to organize my computer cables under my desk. Easy to install. Recommend to buy!5


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Function solution

Cable management and dust control

The SIGNUM cable management system mounts under the desk top and keeps cords off the floor, away from dust and dirt. With all the cords in one place, it is easier to find them when you need them and easier to clean around the desk. And your workplace will look much neater!