RAVENEA Potted plant, Majesty palm, 9 ¾ "

Product details

  • Plant/ Substrate:Cultivated potted plant
    OthersOnly for decoration. Not suitable for consumption.
    PlacementFor indoor usePlace in a light area, out of direct sunlight.
    TemperatureMinimum temperature 32°F.
    WaterWater often.Mist leaves if air is dry.
  • RAVENEAPotted plantArticle no:700.381.27
    Length: 58 " (147 cm)Weight: 184 lb 1 oz (83.50 kg)Diameter: 27 ½ " (70 cm)Package(s): 1

Product size

Diameter of plant pot: 
9 ¾ " (25 cm)
Height of plant: 
51 ¼ " (130 cm)


MillipedesPlantfan82This palm was thriving for a while, and then suddenly started to brown at the tips and down the leaves...after a thorough watering I found many, many millipedes in the tray. I've never encountered millipedes in my plants before, and upon reading the other reviews I think this just might have been a bad batch. I just hope I got rid of it before they spread to any of my other plants...1
Worst Ikea PurchaseSasha77I bought this plant couple of weeks ago.While transfering to bigger pot found out this one has tons of ants and millipedes. I can't even get my money back since dnt want to put this in my vehicle and get the vehicle flooded with ants. I have mad a videos of ants crawling near the roots to show at the customer service when I go there next. Because of this plant now I am scared of my peace Lilly bought at the same time and was put together with this plant.1
Still Alive!Sylv95So I’m horrible with plants, so the fact it still alive... I have it on my west facing balcony5
BeautifulLovinitttttMy first plant I ever bought. Love it. Bought month ago and still alive. All you need to do is take little care of it.5
Awesome!NojemstiThe plant looks great in our dining room.5
Don’t buy it!!!Luiz2020Same story as most of the reviews. Purchased this plant less than a few days ago and noticed leaves starting to brown and full of yellow points. Cut most of the leaves and the new ones grew with the same problem. Checked the water and the medium and it was infested with millipedes. I don’t recommend!!!!!1
0011Looks great in my yard area where plants don’t do well5
Outdoor plantRRnCFGreat price, excellent addition to my patio.4
Worst IKEA purchase ever! Infected!!MAvancouverI bought this beautiful plant in November, and after a month it randomly started dying. I investigated the soil and saw it is infected with soil mites and millipedes. I'm hesitant if I should buy any more IKEA plants ever again.1
Infected with millipedesDundunBought 3 plants about 4 months ago. Now all of them are full of millipedes and dying. Awesome indoor plant, but this batches of palms are infected for sure. As comparisons, the similar plants bought from Home Depot around the same time are healthier and bug free.1
Full of bugsLeeD1209I bought this 3 months ago, it started dying even if it's been watered regularly. I now know why it is full of millipedes!1
BUGSSrowClearly I should have read the reviews before buying! I got two of these in the fall and they look amazing in the house! But now 5 months later one is covered in spider mites :( I am hoping I got rid of them and the other one will be okay but after reading the reviews it’s not looking good - the leaves are yellowing too. Really hope it doesn’t have millipedes. IKEA says they care about the reviews but clearly this bug thing has been an issue for years and is yet to be resolved so I would avoid buying them for sure.1
Lasted 2 monthsThat Consumer CoupleBeautiful palm, but there must be something wrong with the quality of it. Didn't last long at all1
GrossGabi234There are millipedes!! Nasty. It’s a nice plant but it started dying fast. I later found a millipede. Putting it on my balcony and I’m hoping no bugs got anywhere else in my apartment2
Beautiful plantK8lynnExcept for the millipedes and the soil mites they’re preying on.1
Invested with Spider MitesAmanda_7We bought this plant on January 26th, it looked great in our apartment for the last three months, but then I started to notice the leaves turning yellow and shrivelling up and dying. All my other plants are healthy and in good shape, except this one. At first (like many others I see here) I thought I wasn't taking care of it properly, but I took a closer look at the plant. Right after watering it, I could see little bugs in the soil and spider mites all over the leaves! None of my other plants have this problem, only this one. Luckily I placed it in the corner of the room so it did not spread to my other plants. BEWARE and trust the reviews! I just wish I had read them before purchasing this plant that is now outside on the balcony..1
Bugs bugs bugsdaniellasI bought this about a month ago and should have listened to the reviews. This plant is infested with small bugs that turned into this 6 legged creature that flies! So disgusting. It is such a shame as it really is a beautiful plant but I cannot keep this plant in my master bathroom with it being so close to where I sleep. I’m also not sure what these small blue balls were in the soil, I didn’t recall seeing them when I purchased the plant. Not sure if they are eggs or a fertilizer? Anyways I will be throwing this plant out. What a waste of money.2
PalmDipreThis is a mood enhancer plant at the best price! Love it!5
Millipedes in PlantMad CustomerSame story as most reviews here. Purchased this plant less than a few days ago and noticed leaves starting to brown. Checked the water and sure enough it was infested with millipedes. Had to clean the entire room to make sure they didn't spread. Would not recommend.1
Infested with millipedesaeki0caIt started dying as soon as I brought it home and was wondering what was wrong with it. I wasn't overwatering it and it was receiving a good amount of sunlight. I kept it for a few more days to see if I could revive it but the branches just kept dying off. Finally, when I decided to give up and throw it out, I saw 3 small millipedes in the planter saucer!!! *shivers*1

Potted plant, Majesty palm9 ¾ " (25 cm)

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RAVENEA Potted plant, Majesty palm, 9 ¾ "