METALLISK Espresso maker for cooktop, stainless steel, 13.5 oz
METALLISK Espresso maker for cooktop, stainless steel, 13.5 oz
METALLISK Espresso maker for cooktop, stainless steel, 13.5 oz
METALLISK Espresso maker for cooktop, stainless steel, 13.5 oz
METALLISK Espresso maker for cooktop, stainless steel, 13.5 oz
METALLISK Espresso maker for cooktop, stainless steel, 13.5 oz
METALLISK Espresso maker for cooktop, stainless steel, 13.5 oz
METALLISK Espresso maker for cooktop, stainless steel, 13.5 oz
METALLISK Espresso maker for cooktop, stainless steel, 13.5 oz
METALLISK Espresso maker for cooktop, stainless steel, 13.5 oz

Product details

Suitable for all types of cooktops, including induction cooktops.For replacement gaskets - contact the Customer service department at your local IKEA store.METALLISK espresso maker has received one of the world's oldest and finest design awards – GOOD DESIGN.Wash this product before using it for the first time.Designer

Nike Karlsson

  • Handle:Stainless steel, Stainless steel
    Screw/ Tube/ Cover cap:Stainless steel
    Handwash only.Suitable for use on gas cooktop.Suitable for use on induction cooktop.Suitable for use on ceramic glass cooktop.Suitable for use on electric cooktop.
  • METALLISKEspresso maker for cooktopArticle no:703.602.25
    Width: 5 " (13 cm)Height: 4 ¾ " (12 cm)Length: 8 ¾ " (22 cm)Weight: 1 lb 7 oz (0.66 kg)Package(s): 1

Product size

9 " (22 cm)
5 " (12 cm)
13.5 oz (0.4 l)


Espresso makerFouffyMakes a great espresso, easy to use (both stove top and camp stove), easy to clean!5
Great value for the priceThewolfdenBeen a while since I used one of these, but I needed something for the cottage and thought it was worth the buy. It was. Easy to use, and much more convenient than a french press. Extremely durable.5
Need extra GasketDani RaI bought this product a month ago and I was very happy for the purchase but after using it for over 3 weeks now I noticed that the gasket got loose and the coffee powder is getting into my espresso :( I wish they provided extra gaskets or at-least a way for us to purchase them. Also, I have been using this pot on coil top and after using it for 3 weeks I noticed that the bottom of the pot is discolored to brownish color at the bottom.3
This model is horrible, earlier model was betterVKAVRThe earlier model had a handle that could be held when the pot was hot. Regret not having bought the old model. Was forced to buy this and was a horrible mistake. Once the coffee is ready, you can't hold it by it's handle (defetas the sole purpose of a hot cup). I can't get a refund since I've used the product. I would however warn buyers now so that they don't commit the same mistake. Stay away..1
The handle gets too hot!WinstonwiwiI regret buying this product. The handle gets really hot, difficult to serve coffee without taking a chance of burning yourself. Not at all user friendly.1
Works greatNancy6I bought this to replace our Italian made expresso maker. This is just as good and half the price.5
Works well but clean it firstDaveClThe instructions recommend you not drink the first batch of coffee you make. I did that but the second batch had a metallic taste. I then did another 4 or 5 batches of just water, no coffee, and that cleared it up. It makes very good coffee and on an induction cooktop does so very quickly. I no longer use my more expensive espresso machine.5
SkleungI finally find the taste of coffee at home.5
Super cafetièreJ168Simple et efficace... parfait pour le matin!5
Outstanding quality and value!RCarterI love seeing such large steps of improvement when IKEA redesigns products based on user feedback. As far as I can tell they’ve addressed everything people disliked about the old RÅDIG design with the METALLISK, and in turn have produced another exceptional product. Operation is very simple, and the coffee produced is fantastic for how little effort it takes! For comparison it’s nearly as simple as using a Keurig machine with a k-cup compatible reusable basket. Fill base to bottom of the taper, drop in funnel, fill with grounds, place seal and top filter, then just screw on the top. My only feedback for improvement would be related to making the instructions just a little bit easier to follow. Currently the manual has an exploded diagram of all the parts with number labels inside the first page, which each instruction language makes reference to. I think many people would have an easier time if that exploded diagram were also included on a slightly larger separate paper to make it easier to understand the usage instructions when it refers to each part. During usage the instructions mention to remove it from heat “as soon as the bubbling noise has stopped”. I think this should be clarified to describe the bubbling as the water being forced up through the grounds and to take it off as soon as you just hear steam bubbling up. It’s quite obvious after using a couple times when the main brew is complete, but because the design leaves a little water in the bottom to avoid dry heating, it will continue to sound like it is bubbling and boiling after due to that water. Last thing is very minor, but when first opening the top filter and seal ring remain stuck in the top and the seal must be pried up with something to unstick it and get the bits out. Wasn’t complicated, but I can imagine some people opening it up and wondering why they’re missing pieces!5
AwesomeDanchelMakes great coffee and it cleans very easily. I purchased it for travel but am enjoying it at home.5
Makes coffee faster than the one I have!Love you IKEAI use hot water to make espresso on the stovetop. With this maker, it will take only 1-2 min to make espresso.... Beautifully designed and well made...!!! GET IT.5
nic2020Use this every morning. Love it!4
Excellent espresso!JDS280I bought this a couple weeks ago to replace an earlier version of this product (plastic handle and flappy lid). This product is much better - the shape of the water reservoir covers a larger area of the stove's burner, allowing for faster coffee making. The metal hand makes it easier to tighten and un-screw the reservoir.5
METALLISK Espresso maker for cooktop, stainless steel, 13.5 oz

A better everyday one cup at a time

Have you had coffee or tea today? Statistically, you most likely have. In fact, these hot brews are the most consumed beverages in the world next after water. They’re a part of life that can give a silver lining to any moment. That’s why we decided to update our selection of products to make that perfect cup – from the tea infuser and the kettle to the milk frother.  Read More
Malin Ljungström, who was involved in developing the range, shares her insights. “To many, the smell of coffee and tea means well-being and a homey feeling. Since we want to improve people’s everyday, we’re offering products that make it possible for more to experience more feelgood moments at home.”

Developing things that make a difference

Malin and her colleagues dug deep into coffee and tea cultures to find out what tools people feel they can’t live without. They talked to specialists and investigated living, eating and drinking habits. “We wanted to develop items that make a difference, so we’ve focused on a few, but carefully selected products,” she states. The team cooperated with IKEA Test Lab in Älmhult, Sweden. It’s an IKEA version of a James Bond lab where prototypes are inspected and evaluated. “A couple of the things we checked were that the thermoses can keep fluids really warm for a long time. And that the glass mugs and glass pots are durable and comfortable, even though they look and feel light and airy,” says Malin.

For all tastes and different wallets

No matter how you enjoy your cup, you’ll find the things that put an extra flavor to your drink in the range. Another good thing is that there’s something for all wallets. “It’s one of our contributions to a better life at home. A way to improve people’s everyday one cup at a time,” concludes Malin.
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Designer thoughts

"We`ve always been interested in coffee and tea and we got to be really nerdy during this assignment. We wanted to make generous, functional and true products that focus on the drink. A kitchen full of gadgets doesn`t make it easier to get the right taste- instead we focused on a few things with really good quality. With these products you can make the perfect cup - and enjoy good coffee and tea whenever you like"

Espresso maker for cooktop, stainless steel13.5 oz (0.4 l)

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METALLISK Espresso maker for cooktop, stainless steel, 13.5 oz