KIVIK Sectional, 4-seat, with chaise/Hillared anthracite
KIVIK Sectional, 4-seat, with chaise/Hillared anthracite
KIVIK Sectional, 4-seat, with chaise/Hillared anthracite
KIVIK Sectional, 4-seat, with chaise/Hillared anthracite
KIVIK Sectional, 4-seat, with chaise/Hillared anthracite
KIVIK Sectional, 4-seat, with chaise/Hillared anthracite
KIVIK Sectional, 4-seat, with chaise/Hillared anthracite
KIVIK Sectional, 4-seat, with chaise/Hillared anthracite
KIVIK Sectional, 4-seat, with chaise/Hillared anthracite

Cuddle up in the soft comfort of KIVIK sofa. The generous size, low armrests, and memory foam that adapts to the contours of your body invites many hours of naps, socializing, and relaxation.


Product details

KIVIK is a generous seating series with a soft, deep seat and comfortable support for your back.Seat cushions have a layer of memory foam that softly follows the contours of your body and gives comfortable support where needed.You can place the chaise section to the left or right of the sofa, and switch whenever you like.It is easy to combine the sofa with one or more chaise lounges thanks to the removable armrests.The chaise can stand alone or be added onto the sofas.The cover is easy to keep clean as it is removable and can be machine washed.10-year limited warranty. Read about the terms in the limited warranty brochure.Designer

Ola Wihlborg

  • Sofa frame
    Back and seat frame:Fiberboard, Plywood, Solid wood, Particleboard
    Armrest frame:Solid wood, Fiberboard, Plywood, Particleboard
    Seat cushion:High-resilience polyurethane foam (cold foam) 2.2 lb/cu.ft., Polyurethane memory foam 3.1 lb/cu.ft, Polyester wadding
    Back cushion:Polyester fiber balls
    Smolder resistant lining/ Smolder resistant lining:Polyester wadding
    Chaise frame
    Back and seat frame:Fiberboard, Plywood, Solid wood, Particleboard
    Seat cushion:High-resilience polyurethane foam (cold foam) 2.2 lb/cu.ft., Polyurethane memory foam 3.1 lb/cu.ft, Polyester wadding
    Back cushion:Polyester fiber balls
    Smolder resistant lining/ Smolder resistant lining:Polyester wadding
    Chaise cover/ sofa cover
    55 % cotton, 12 % viscose/rayon, 8 % linen, 25 %polyester
  • Chaise cover/sofa coverAll the cotton in our products comes from more sustainable sources. This means that the cotton is either recycled, or grown with less water, less fertilizers and less pesticides, while increasing profit margins for the farmers.
  • This product comes as 5 packages.
    KIVIKSofa frameArticle no:101.831.98This product has multiple packages.
    Width: 36 ¼ " (92 cm)Height: 19 ¼ " (49 cm)Length: 72 ½ " (184 cm)Weight: 117 lb 12 oz (53.40 kg)Package(s): 1
    Width: 36 ¼ " (92 cm)Height: 11 " (28 cm)Length: 38 ¼ " (97 cm)Weight: 53 lb 12 oz (24.38 kg)Package(s): 1
    KIVIKChaise frameArticle no:601.832.14
    Width: 35 ½ " (90 cm)Height: 10 ¾ " (28 cm)Length: 81 ½ " (207 cm)Weight: 97 lb 0 oz (44.00 kg)Package(s): 1
    KIVIKChaise coverArticle no:003.489.01
    Width: 14 ½ " (37 cm)Height: 2 ½ " (7 cm)Length: 22 ¼ " (57 cm)Weight: 6 lb 8 oz (2.95 kg)Package(s): 1
    KIVIKSofa coverArticle no:603.489.17
    Width: 14 ½ " (37 cm)Height: 4 ¼ " (11 cm)Length: 22 ¼ " (57 cm)Weight: 11 lb 5 oz (5.14 kg)Package(s): 1

Product size

Max. width: 
125 1/4 " (318 cm)
32 5/8 " (83 cm)
Min. depth: 
37 3/8 " (95 cm)
Max. depth: 
64 1/8 " (163 cm)
Min. seat depth: 
23 5/8 " (60 cm)
Max. seat depth: 
48 7/8 " (124 cm)
Seat height: 
17 3/4 " (45 cm)


De-shaped within few monthsNidaF- The seats slide down to floor. - It looked second hand with one year of use, because of the de-shaped back cushions. - Not recommended if you like cushions and seats in order. - Hillared isn't recommended. It's color fades away so soon!3
Pretty Good OverallJamieLSI’ve had this for 3 weeks now and we are still pretty happy with the look and feel of the sofa, it’s pretty good for the price. It took some time to put together, but wasn’t too difficult. It’s a bit on the stiff side right now but from what I understand, it will soften up a lot. The biggest negative to the sofa is that the chaise back pillow came a bit thinner and softer than the sofa back pillows and it’s a bit noticeable to the eye. Minus a few dislikes I’m happy overall with the purchase.3
Excellent sectional almost 2 years later!Tanya RRI do not understand how anyone can complain about a $1000 sectional? What do people want for $1000 these days? We purchased the 4 seater sectional in November 2018, but I wanted to wait a longtime to ensure we got good use out of it before I reviewed. Happy to say our Kivik sectional is as good as the day we got it! Still as firm as the day we got it. We use it daily and have two small dogs which was why we chose the Kivik because of the washable covers and replacement options. We wash the covers with no issues, we have two sets...the beige and the blue/grey. Yes the cover on the chaise shifts after alot of use, annoying but not the end of the takes 15 seconds to pull it back into place. If you want a good sectional at an affordable price this one is a great option. Anyone who complains about a $1000 sectional should probably go shop somewhere else and pay $5000. We are going to be adding a corner piece and another chaise to it next week. LOVE this sectional! Totally worth the price.5
Whole family of 6 fits for watching movies!CJandKidsWe bought the Kivik sectional for our newly finished basement family room. Our whole family fits comfortably for watching movies - it’s fantastic! Holding its shape well. Love the washability of it too! And under $1000. Sooo happy with this purchase!5
great couch, especially with a 10 year warrantyohsobrown10 year warranty!! thats a new set of cushions a year for 10 years!!!!! keep your receipts folks and get your moneys worth.3
The worst sofa I have ever had!KaterinaSI bought that sofa about a year ago, obviously I read all the bad reviews about it, but for some reason did not believe them. I loved the way that sofa looked and couldn’t even imagine what kind of disappointment it was going to be. This sofa was awesome for a couple of months, so if you’re looking for a short-term sofa use - go with this one, it’s amazing when you just buy it. But if you need a sofa which will last for many years - you want to avoid this specific one. After you sit on it, you have to get up and fix your cushions, because they get deformed and it looks really ugly and not so comfortable, too. No matter how you put the cushions or how you sit, it’s still going to be messed up. So everyone who is deciding on buying this sofa, please read the reviews and believe them! I cannot wait to get rid of this sofa and it’s just been a year...1
Please dont buy.NotHappy421I bought this couch less than a year ago and the chaise cushion is deformed. I have this couch in my living room where we only use if we have guest or family and the few times we have used it, just the chaise cushion has gotten an indent and deformed. I cant even purchase a new cushion. Very unhappy after reading other reviews i see this is a common problem with this sofa.1
People are too criticalcmacmillCouldn't believe the reviews here! We've had this couch for >5 years and yes the cushions need stuffing but when you pay less than $1000 for a massive couch I wouldn't expect any better. It's a good value couch and we plan on buying new covers + cushion stuffing to give it another 5 years of life!4
Nope....Disappointed81We bought the couch and chaise lounge about three years ago. The seat cushions are garbage. Don’t know if I would buy another IKEA couch which is sad because having the chance to change the slip cover to a different colour is amazing. Is it time to look at other stores now?1
Cushions deformed after 1.5 yearsRDT13I bought this sectional 3 years ago and it was very comfortable at first, but for the past 1.5 years, the cushions are all deformed, especially the lounge chair and I only weight 115 lbs! I have to use extra cushions to make this sectional comfortable. I asked a representative at Ikea if I could get new cushions and I was told that I cannot buy cushions separately. Very disappointed with this purchase as I have always been very happy with any Ikea products before.2
Couch is alright but the chaise is garbage.K80K8I bought this couch about 2 years ago and I wish I had read the reviews before buying it. As others have said, the chaise has not held up at all. The cushions are misshapen and have sunk in. The couch part looks fine and feels comfortable still but the chaise looks like complete garbage. I'm not impressed and it really makes me leary of buying another couch from Ikea, which is a shame because I love the removable covers!2
Awful cushionsJmurrMy wife and I bought this 3 months ago and were initially quite pleased with the Kivik couch. Since then it has been nothing but a disappointment. We waited the suggested time for the back cushions to inflate but they still have not. Meanwhile the seats have completely lost their form. The chez lounge now resembles a taco from bodies sitting on it. The cushion has completely lost its shape in the middle and offers absolutely no support. In just three months we’ve flipped and rotated the chez cushion countless times and still, the cushions continue to sag and degrade. The love seat is now the only option to comfortably sit and even then, the cushions are becoming like bowls that you sit in as the cushions break down. DO NOT waste your money on this couch, it’ll be useless in a few months and you’ll need to purchase a new, better one.1
MaeNSWe have had this couch for less than 6 months. When we put it together we noticed that the foam in the backsupport for the chaise lounge was malformed, unlike the rest of the couch, it didn't fit in the cover properly and was not square. As it says on the package to wait 48 hours to see it plump to its full size, we waited. We'll after 6 months or so, that's the shape we are left with. So it doesn't look as high as the rest, and isn't as firm as the rest. As for the sitting cushions, the couch pieces are holding up, but the chaise is already showing a dip... Now for the fabric, it had a small defect on the armrest, that we would have rather not be there but we otherwise like the colour blue we picked. Overall, the couch looks good in our space, but the chaise cushions will have to be replaced before long and at that price it's not satisfactory.2
Chaise form lost its shape after only 2 monthsrkahderI loved the sofa at the begining, love how comfortable it is and solid until the chaise foam became soft and I feel that I am sinking inside it. I am not a heavy person (140lbs) i didn't expect that the foam will become soft only after of two months only.. In addition, there is no option to replace it, i can only replace the cover!2
Very satisfied for 6 yearsWhitepepperI have had the love seat with chase since 2013. I was surprised to read the bad reviews today, especially regarding the chase. Since my chase has been used a lot over the years the cushion has slight dent where one sits mostly but I would expect this after 6 years of regular use. I wonder if something got changed in this Kivik model recently since the quality of my love seat and chase has been very good. Very satisfied customer.5
comfortable but saggy cushionspm987Purchase the sofa less than a year ago. Really like the size and the fact the cushion cover are washable. However, the cushion are so deform, i have no idea on what to do anymore. planning on replacing the entire couch at this point. Definitely not from ikea.2
Unhappy with the couchSami100I bought the kivik sofa two years ago and I liked it for a several months. After one year, the cushions started to deform and became dented, especially the chaise. Very unsatisfied with this product and won't recommend it.2
Bad cushionsDS90Purchased this sectional about 1 year ago and the cushions have already deformed and fabric shows a lot of wear. The chaise is especially misshapen. The sofa is quite comfortable and the size makes it great if you need want to sleep on it however, I would not recommend due to poor cushion and fabric quality (we have the hillared fabric). Additionally, armrest slipcover is a pain to remove and clean as you must disassemble several bolts and screws to remove fabric. Having furnished my home with many many Ikea products including bed frames, bathroom vanities, dressers etc., this item so far has been the worst in quality.1
Looks great but the Chaise is awful. Not worth it.EmBeilsBought this couch less than one year ago. We love the couch section, however the chaise is awful. Within a few weeks the cushions were completely misshapen and the cover looks almost baggy on the bottom cushion. No matter what we do the chaise section looks awful and so worn as if we’ve had the couch for decades. For some reason the chaise cushions are different from the sofa ones. Even the back cushions are different, with the chaise one being slightly thinner. It’s stands out. I’m completely disappointed in this. We are trying to figure out what to do...if we just trash the chaise and buy another arm or buy replacement cushions. Not what you should be doing less than a year after buying a new sofa.1
Poor qualityeliza3I have purchased a lot from Ikea (an entire kitchen) and many more house items and I’m usually very pleased with their quality however, this sofa is not good. The chaise cushion always loses its shape and requires it to be readjusted. The fabric is becoming loose and piling a lot from very little use. I’m so disappointed with the quality of this sofa.1

Sectional, 4-seat, with chaise/Hillared anthracite

KIVIK Sectional, 4-seat, with chaise/Hillared anthracite
KIVIK Sectional, 4-seat, with chaise/Hillared beige
KIVIK Sectional, 4-seat, with chaise/Hillared dark blue
KIVIK Sectional, 4-seat, with chaise/Hillared anthracite
KIVIK Sectional, 4-seat, with chaise/Hillared dark blue
KIVIK Sectional, 4-seat, with chaise/Orrsta light gray
KIVIK Sectional, 4-seat, with chaise/Orrsta red
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KIVIK Sectional, 4-seat, with chaise/Hillared anthracite