JÄRVFJÄLLET Office chair with armrests, Gunnared beige/white
JÄRVFJÄLLET Office chair with armrests, Gunnared beige/white
JÄRVFJÄLLET Office chair with armrests, Gunnared beige/white
JÄRVFJÄLLET Office chair with armrests, Gunnared beige/white
JÄRVFJÄLLET Office chair with armrests, Gunnared beige/white
JÄRVFJÄLLET Office chair with armrests, Gunnared beige/white
JÄRVFJÄLLET Office chair with armrests, Gunnared beige/white

All bodies are different. JÄRVFJÄLLET swivel chair is designed so that you can adjust the headrest, lumbar support and the seat height and depth – so it perfectly fits your body height and shape.

Article Number792.971.97

Product details

10-year Warranty. Read about the terms in the warranty brochure.The adjustable and lockable tilt function increases stability and control in different sitting positions.The mesh material of the backrest lets air through to your back during long sitting periods.Your back gets the support it needs because the seat depth can be adjusted and the chair has built-in lumbar support.You can adjust the headrest and the lumbar support to suit you and your needs.The safety casters have a pressure-sensitive brake mechanism that keeps the chair in place when you stand up, and releases automatically when you sit down.This chair has been tested for office use and meets the requirements for durability and stability set forth in the following standards: EN 1335 and ANSI/BIFMA x5.1.Complies with California TB117-2013 flammability requirements.May be used with KOLON floor protector.Designer

Eva Lilja Löwenhielm

Article Number792.971.97
  • Office chair
    Back frame/ Back bar:Steel, Epoxy/polyester powder coating
    Seat frame:Layer-glued wood veneer
    Seat foam:High resilient polyurethane foam (cold foam).
    Headrest:Reinforced polypropylene, Polyurethane foam.
    Star base:Aluminum, Epoxy/polyester powder coating
    Fabric:100 %polyester
    Pair of armrests
    Armrest frame:Aluminum, Epoxy/polyester powder coating
    Armrest pad:Synthetic rubber, Reinforced polypropylene
  • This product comes as 2 packages.
    JÄRVFJÄLLETOffice chairArticle no004.199.55
    Width: 23 ¼ " (59 cm)Height: 9 " (23 cm)Length: 38 ¼ " (97 cm)Weight: 41 lb 1 oz (18.62 kg)Package(s): 1
    JÄRVFJÄLLETPair of armrestsArticle no204.294.30
    Width: 8 ¾ " (23 cm)Height: 5 " (13 cm)Length: 14 ¼ " (37 cm)Weight: 4 lb 13 oz (2.19 kg)Package(s): 1

Product size

Tested for: 
243 lb (110 kg)
26 3/4 " (68 cm)
26 3/4 " (68 cm)
Max. height: 
55 1/8 " (140 cm)
Seat width: 
20 1/2 " (52 cm)
Seat depth: 
18 1/8 " (46 cm)
Min. seat height: 
17 3/4 " (45 cm)
Max. seat height: 
22 " (56 cm)

Ratings and reviews

Amazing chairAlaishaAmazing chair5
Such a beautiful looking chair - NOT comfortableJessicajaneThe problem is the depth of the seat, it's too short. I have the dark grey version from IKEA as well, much bigger seat circumference. The back of the white one pitches you forward so you're sitting wrong, and it's very uncomfortably. The seat could use some more padding as well. VERY disappointed as it's so beautiful and looks perfect in my home office.2
Comfort and style in one chairNeya NolBought not being sure the chair would support 8 hours working from home! Wonderfully wrong! Supports by back and seat cushion super comfortable!5
Great chair but skip the armestsLila7907Got this chair about a week ago and am loving it, at first it felt like the seat was too short, but it was just that I was finally sitting upright (was using a kitchen chair before.) Lumbar support and head rest is great and the seat is very comfortable. Working from home I spend roughly 6-8 hours on the chair a day and never feel my butt getting numb or the need to fidget into a different seating postin. Where this chair falls short is the horrible armrests. My desk is roughly 3-4 inches higher than the top of the armrest, which puts my elbows at roughly a 90 degree angle, so there is no support for my forearms when using my mouse (I m 5'7 and pretty evenly proportioned.) This renders the armrests somewhat useless. I hope ikea makes adjustable armrests for this chair the future. Otherwise, great buy.4
Office chairOg mamaI bought this chair a few days ago during quarantine so did not have the opportunity to try before purchase. My son recommended the Markus chair because it fits him very comfortably but there were none available and I needed a chair. The seat size on bot chairs were the same size so I thought it would suit me fine. It is a great looking chair and easy to put together but my bum does not fit as the seat depth is not near enough. I am 5’8” and my knees hang over the edge which makes it uncomfortable. My son is 6’5” and he said the Markus fit him with no hang over on his knees. Given the seat size is the same I have to wonder what the difference is. I would return it but because of quarantine I am unable to do so and I can’t even order the Markus to replace and just wait till I could return this chair within the 365 days. I am sure IKEA is not going to take back a chair that I have had to use. I will probably end up giving to my child to use when I can order the Markus. Hopefully that will work for me.4
dinzzIt’s comfortable, and good quality.5
very uncomfortableGeorge KWas really disappointed with this purchase. I thought it would be an upgrade to the markus chair I'm already using, but it didn't turn out that way. My main issue is the extremely short seat pan. Even adjusted to it's maximum distance, more than half of my legs are hanging off the edge. I unfortunately had to buy this during the store closures (quarantine) so I wasn't able to test first. When comparing to my Markus, there is roughly a 3 inch difference in the usable seat pan area. That's measured from the point where the lumbar support is (since it's irrelevant if he seat pan goes in past that point because your body can't move that far back). In general, the overall feeling is that the seat is constantly trying to push me off.2
Great for tall people!Alstrup28This is great for tall people. Adjustable head piece and adjustable lumbar are great for custom fit.5
Awesome chair! Easy to assemble!DJ2020Awesome chair. Easy to assemble. Well made and very sturdy and comfortable.5
Great chair, but not perfectdaveyflakesThis chair is great, very similar to the Markus I had before this one. Compared to the Markus, It's slightly more adjustable in some ways (e.g. head and lumbar support), but loses the recline tension adjustment. The main issue I had with the Markus was that the armrests limited the space around my legs; the front of the armrests would dig into the sides of my legs. The Jarvfjallet solves that problem with the design of its armrests. The Jarvfjallet also has firmer, or more noticeable lumbar support. I never really felt the lumbar support on the Markus did very much. The only downside with the Jarvfjallet is the seat. The cushion is thinner and much firmer than the Markus, though I'm hoping it will soften up over time. The seat depth is shorter as well. The seat pan depth is adjustable, but the deepest setting is still too short for me. With the deepest setting, there is a 4 inch gap between the cushion and the back of my knee. For reference, I'm 6 ft tall.4
Aesthetics over ergonomics and comfortleoc9Bought this chair because it is aesthetically pleasing. However, the seat is not comfortable or supportive, and at this price point, I am surprised the arm rests are not adjustable. Also, the wheels are intended to lock when there is no weight applied to the chair. If you intend on moving the chair around without sitting on it, plan on getting your own wheels or look elsewhere. Not worth the $. Get something else.2
Excellent chairAnother buyerMy daughter loves it! Thinking on getting one too... is expensive chair however my daughter is an artist and proper seating is needed5
Poor quality, horrible back supportPhilXPoor quality, horrible back support, wheel broke and it is not under the 10 years warranty, no adjustable armrest1
Perfect to seat for long hoursmi43I bought it for my home office to go with my idea desk. Allows me to seat for long time supporting my back, neck and arms5
JÄRVFJÄLLET office chairHobbit girlComfortable! And the small footprint is great for our office.4
OverpricedRyan GI paid $355 CAD for this chair after tax - the seat that's supposed to be adjustable is only useable in one position because it pops and clicks in every other position, the seat is hard as a rock, there's no tension adjustment for tilt like on the cheaper Markus, and the armrests are so low that they're unusable (you make the whole chair adjustable but not the armrests?) Waste of money.2
Awesome for work from home officeNadia123I feel less tired sitting in this chair all day - great lumbar support!5
Comfortable chairDudo22Use this chair with IKEA adjustable table. Quality is great, very sturdy and cushion is washable. I usually spent 3-4 hours at the desk a day. I like this chair! No regrets5
Defective weelDisappointed clientDefective weel,went back to the store,they gave me weel from completely difrent model(bigger weel and difrent colour ).very disappointed.1
perfect office chairPatti333it was fun to put together and I Love it. thinking maybe I should use it as a living room recliner chair just need a footstool.5

Office chair with armrests, Gunnared beige/white

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JÄRVFJÄLLET Office chair with armrests, Gunnared beige/white