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25 year limited warranty

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HAVSEN apron front sink is a beautiful detail in your traditional kitchen, and it also fits in a kitchen island. You can spend more time on other things thanks to its easy-care ceramic surface.

Article Number592.537.26

Product details

25-year Limited Warranty. Read about the terms in the Limited Warranty brochure.

The sink does not reach all the way to the back of the worktop, which allows you to install a kitchen mixer tap and add other sink accessories as you like.

An apron front sink allows you to stand closer to the bowl without needing to lean forward when you wash dishes, which may feel more comfortable for your back.

Easy to clean, with soft rounded corners.

LILLVIKEN strainer is included in the price, but packaged separately.

Ceramic sinks are kiln-fired, which makes each one unique and the size may vary slightly from the measurements given.

Fits cabinet frames 36" wide.

Fits countertops with a minimum thickness of 1".

May be completed with LILLVIKEN lid.

May be completed with GRUNDVATTNET sink accessories for effective use of space at the sink.


IKEA of Sweden/Nike Karlsson

Article Number592.537.26
  • Sink strainer with stopper
    Main parts:


    Strainer/ Strainer basket:

    Stainless steel


    Synthetic rubber

    Apron front double bowl sink

    Ceramic, Colored glaze

    Apron front double bowl sink

    Do not use scouring-powder, steel wool, hard or sharp tools which can scratch the surface.

    To avoid lime scale stains, rinse the sink with water and wipe it with a dry cloth

    Wipe clean with a soft cloth dampened with water and a mild dish detergent or soap, if necessary.

    Wipe dry with a clean cloth.


Cut-out measurement width: 17 " (43.2 cm)

Cut-out measurement length: 34 1/2 " (87.6 cm)

Large bowl, depth: 7 1/2 " (19 cm)

Large bowl, width: 16 1/8 " (41 cm)

Large bowl, front to back: 15 3/4 " (40 cm)

Large bowl, volume: 8 gallon (31.2 l)

Small bowl, depth: 7 1/2 " (19 cm)

Small bowl, width: 16 1/8 " (41 cm)

Small bowl, front to back: 15 3/4 " (40 cm)

Small bowl, volume: 8 gallon (31.2 l)

Front to back: 19 " (48 cm)

Length: 37 " (93 cm)

Width: 37 " (93 cm)

Depth: 18 7/8 " (48 cm)

  • This product comes as 3 packages.
    Sink strainer with stopperArticle no503.254.26

    Length: 2 ¾ " (7 cm)

    Weight: 8 oz (0.22 kg)

    Diameter: 4 ½ " (12 cm)

    Package(s): 2

    Apron front double bowl sinkArticle no103.592.15

    Width: 21 ¾ " (56 cm)

    Height: 10 " (26 cm)

    Length: 41 ¾ " (106 cm)

    Weight: 69 lb 11 oz (31.60 kg)

    Package(s): 1

Ratings and reviews

Love this sinkDonna O.We put this sink in when we built our new house. It’s a beautiful sink,it does get marked up with black marks from pots,dishes etc but it easy to remove the marks with ceramic stove top cleaner. My only real complaint is the plugs will sometimes not plug off the drain and keep the water in. Usually a little moving them around will fix that issue but not always.4
disappointedKelsiebought this sink originally last fall.. finally get installed and put frozen meat in to thaw and it cracked.. well it didn't just crack the sink ended up having the bottom of one side falling out. I had to order a new one as I live in SK and there is no IKEA here or pick up center so I could not exchange with the warranty. It marks up and scratches easy as well. the marks are always black and impossible to get out. Would suggest saving the money especially if you have to ship this as shipping is $200.... not happy when I had to order a replacement.2
Metal marks from potsMonika B.My second sink with ikea , the white porcelain kitchen sink . When you washing pots etc I get marks from the metal on sides of bowl which can’t be helped !!! How can these be removed ? I’ve tried baking soda etc I’m scared I’ll scratch it ….. HELP3
Might be worth doing the dishes for the clean look.FrankLooks great. Good size for most cleanups.5
Excellent achatVicky K.Ayant lu les avis précédents, nous avons choisi d’installer cet évier double avec des crépines achetées dans une grande quincaillerie. En suivant les instructions d’installation des crépines, tout est étanche. L’eau demeure dans l’évier. Celui-ci s’avère très résistant en plus d’être beau. Nous en très satisfaits. Après 2 mois d’usage, nous n’avons toujours rien à redire !!5
Overflowing sinkAnna B.Dont walk away while the water is running. This sink does not have the divider that is usual in kitchen sinks that is lower than the entire basin. Water flows right onto the floor rather than going into the second sink.3
Havsen Sink not GreatKaylin M.Although this sink is visually appealing I wish I had done more research before purchasing. It does not stay filled with water, we've had a plumber in to investigate, switched the drains with new ones from IKEA. The unfortunate part is we don't know if we can replace with another sink from a different company because we have solid surface countertops and they are cut specifically for this sink.2
SinkJessI wish it had the back peice because water splashes onto the back of the counter3
Ceramic sinks are a bad ideaEthelbertanBrutal heavy delicate sink. Constantly breaking dishes in it due to ceramic on ceramic....chips like ceramic....dumb idea...weighs a tonne so you need strong under support1
My farm sinkJennk2020It is what always wanted however; it doesn't hold the water.3
Problem with baskets not holding waterNancycarryingplacePurchased this sink. Looks great however both baskets do not hold water, which makes washing dishes or soaking vegetables impossible. Many other reviews had the same problem. I can’t remove the sink, not sure how this can be fixed. Don’t know how to contact someone at IKEA, since their email is not working3
Not as good as Domsjo sinkMamaFarrahThis is the second kitchen I've reno'd with IKEA's help. The first one was small but had the amazing Domsjo sink with the splash apron/drainer on the back edge, that went right to the wall. The Havsen sink required intricate cuts in my custom butcher block counter, and the gap between the back of the sink, the counter mounted faucet and the wall results in puddles of water collecting on the butcher block. I'm disappointed, as I didn't even think about it, and just assumed this sink went to the wall to allow for easy install and sealing. That was certainly not the case.2
Beautiful sink and awesome priceNSMommaWe have been looking for the right sink for years. This one, at the right price has been the first thing people noticed in out kitchen renovation. Many Apron sinks are single bowls and cost more, but this sink with two bowls was less expensive, but still really great quality.5
blarney40just the look and feel I was going for in my new kitchen5
Double bowl sinkPperryVery happy, it fit into our custom non- IKEA kitchen 36 space.5
Great sink, holds up after years of use.lykafoxI got this sink about 6 years ago and have used it non-stop since then. It looks great, it's a good size, and it cleans well. I would recommend it to anyone.5
DONT BUY THIS SINKKristin03This sink looks nice but is far from a functional sink! We've had this sink for 5+ months and have YET to be able to wash my dishes in this sink. It will NOT hold water for more than 1 whole minute. It immediately drains as its filling. I contacted Ikea being very disappointed looking for a resolution, wondering if something maybe wasn't installed properly. We've uninstalled, cleaned and re installed to have no success. This was the exact response THE SINK IS NOT IN FACT DESIGNED TO HOLD WATER FOR A LONG PERIOD If I would of known this I would of never bought this sink. Save your money folks, such a waste and very frustrating that I cant even wash my dishes in it.1
Havsen apron front double bowl sinkMarie from BarrieI bought this sink in 2018 when I had my kitchen redone, the counter was customized to fit the sink by professional installers. Within the first year a crack formed. I always use a liner so I don't know why this occurred. Also, the stopper on both sides seeps water, thus the sink drains. The staff at the store seemed disinterested and basically said there was no warranty on sinks. I have noticed the crack spreading and fear I will have to replace the sink. Why sell a poor quality sink?2
Looks nice...that"s about itSNL123I've had this sink installed for 2 weeks. It looks very nice in our brand new kitchen (also from Ikea). It's already scratched. Not at the bottom (we have sink mats down) or along the sides of the bowl. It's scratched on the divider in between the bowls. Not sure how that happened. The drains are not quite deep enough, water pools in between the basket and the sink itself.3
TerribleDebbie SchetagneWe have had this installed 1 month ago, worst quality sink we have ever had. It is all marked up and now rust spots coming thru. We paid to have it intalled, now was told to bring it back to store, have to pay, to have it removed and pay for new one to be reinstalled, makes no sense, they should stand by there product, send someone here to inspect it and replace it. VERY DISAPPOINTED IN IKEA. Have picture to prove what is wrong with it.1


What are ceramics?

For thousands of years, humans have used ceramic objects for cooking and serving, and it’s easy to see why. Ceramics are heat-resistant and durable, and don’t react chemically when in contact with various foods. The base material is different types of clay that are formed into objects and oven-burned. At IKEA, we mostly use ceramics for plant pots, porcelain and sinks – and since it can be glazed to any colour and shine, the possibilities of styles and looks are endless.