GRIMSLÖV Door, gray, 15x30 "
GRIMSLÖV Door, gray, 15x30 "
GRIMSLÖV Door, gray, 15x30 "
GRIMSLÖV Door, gray, 15x30 "
GRIMSLÖV Door, gray, 15x30 "
Article Number604.068.51

Product details

25-year Limited Warranty. Read about the terms in the Limited Warranty brochure.Frame in solid birch, which is a durable natural material.You can choose to mount the door on the right or left side.Complete with UTRUSTA 110° hinge with built-in damper for kitchen, 2-pack, sold separately.To be used with 2 hinges.Requires a knob or a handleMay be completed with GRIMSLÖV cover panels, plinths and decorative strips in grey.Designer

Mikael Warnhammar

  • Door panel:Particleboard, Birch veneer, Birch veneer, Tinted clear acrylic lacquer
    Frame:Solid birch, Tinted clear acrylic lacquer
    Wipe dry with a clean cloth.Wipe clean with a water dampened cloth.
  • GRIMSLÖVDoorArticle no:604.068.51
    Width: 15 ½ " (40 cm)Height: 1 " (2 cm)Length: 34 " (86 cm)Weight: 6 lb 2 oz (2.77 kg)Package(s): 1

Product size

14 7/8 " (37.8 cm)
System, height: 
30 " (76.2 cm)
System, width: 
15 " (38.1 cm)
29 7/8 " (75.9 cm)
3/4 " (1.8 cm)

Ratings and reviews

quality controlcrawdaddyThe quality control of the color Grimslov is laking. Come on ikea, you can do better. The next question is 2 options yes or no, I can't answer that. People buying this color open every box and check it before 365 days is over.2
Buyers remorse - TERRIBLE qualityNikki009I got a custom-designed kitchen using the GRIMSLOV series. I have the biggest buyers remorse with this product. The quality is TERRIBLE - the paint peels by simply walking past it; chips everywhere; it cannot be easily cleaned. DO NOT BUY!1
GrimslovElli2019I love the colour but need care colour comes off in a scratch. Easy to clean. I have my for about six months3
Horrible Qualityalexis27I was so excited to get my cabinetry through ikea based on the positive feedback from family and friends. The cabinetry itself is great. Easy to put together and sturdy. The grimslov grey style is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. I feel like I cant even walk around my kitchen without a dent or scratch happening. I have been so careful and there are so many scratches. The paint comes off like you wouldn't believe. I wish I could give this a 0/5. If I could re-do my whole kitchen with a different style like bodbyn I would. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!1
Unfortunately paint started peeling right away!nickwThis is my third Ikea kitchen and the first time i ve ever had any issues with they products. Got it professionally installed and even just cleaning up the dust on it resulted in the gray paint coming off right away!. I didnt use any cleaner, just a paper towel and water. Now the cabinet fronts have shiny spots and the places i cleaned more basically go thru to the white material underneath. Nicks and dents everywhere with just install and these were professionals that did my last two kitchens with no issues. Even they said they were shocked. Hoping that Ikea contacts me bc this was definitely not what i was expecting.1
Great look, poor quality paintbthomThese look great but the finish is not durable at all. Painter's tape, electrical tape (any low impact tape) will remove the paint with ease which reveals shiny lacquered substrate, leading me to believe the surface was not properly prepped prior to finishing. Tested this on multiple doors, all different batches, all with the same result. Once the paint is flaked off, the rest chips off with ease. Very unfortunate.1
Painted finish is a problemJenjen20We installed our kitchen in the fall and the paint chips away very easily as other reviewers have noted. We have numerous marks. We are not hard on our kitchen. Anyone with kids or who doesnt want to be deliberate about being gentle with the cabinets should reconsider this style. I have been in contact with Ikea and they have been good replacing these parts but I have long-term concerns and hope they keep the colour but address the adhesion problem. For anyone who cant swap out the doors themselves and needs an installer this would be even more problematic.1
No Issues, Paint looks great.GraemeWe added an island to our kitchen and used Grimslov Grey doors for the cupboards. They look great after 6+ months.5
Terrible QC on paint. Instantly comes offDLyowThe paint finish on grimslov grey is NOT the same as grimslov white, it peels off and scratches off by barely rubbing on it. Had scratches on Day 1. AVOID! Get bodbyn grey instead, the paint finish is much better quality. Really disappointed. IKEA better refund me and pay for the installers to come back and redo it in bodbyn grey!1
Poor quality paintDLyowWe had both offwhite grimslov and grey grimslov doors installed in our kitchen and the paint on the grey doors is very poor quality. The white doors are scratch resistant. The grey ones were scratched on day 1. You can almost rub the paint off with your finger. Terrible quality control from IKEA on this one. Now my kitchen Island is in this grey panel and I don’t know what to do :(1
Poor finish to the paintKelly74I bought this kitchen and when I went to install the doors and drawers I noticed that the paint finish was coming off many of the doors. It appeared as though the paint was just not thick enough and the wood was showing through. I noticed the same thing on the display door when I went back to IKEA to discuss this issue. The paint by the handle was completely gone.1

Door, gray15x30 " (38x76 cm)

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GRIMSLÖV Door, gray, 15x30 "