GERTON Tabletop, beech, 61x29 1/2 "
GERTON Tabletop, beech, 61x29 1/2 "
Article Number501.067.73

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Solid wood is a durable natural material.Pre-drilled leg holes for easy assembly.May be completed with GERTON legs.Should be treated with STOCKARYD wood treatment oil for indoor use once prior to usage.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

  • Solid beech, Wood treatment oil
    Wipe clean with a damp cloth.Check regularly that all assembly fastenings are properly tightened and retighten when necessary.
  • Product possible to recycle or use for energy recovery, if available in your community.100% renewable material. (Fixtures excluded)
  • GERTONTabletopArticle no:501.067.73
    Width: 30 ¼ " (77 cm)Height: 1 ½ " (4 cm)Length: 65 ¼ " (166 cm)Weight: 58 lb 15 oz (26.74 kg)Package(s): 1

Product size

61 " (155 cm)
29 1/2 " (75 cm)
1 1/8 " (3 cm)
Max. load: 
110 lb 4 oz (50 kg)


PRODUCT HAS CHANGEDBoChenIgnore any previous review, sometime in early/mid 2020 Ikea changed this product. My first Gerton tabletop I purchased before 2020 was made with much higher quality. The table is now constructed of much smaller pieces of wood. These smaller pieces and lower quality construction result in: 1. an uneven top, you can feel the warps in the table when running your hand across the table against the grain. 2. significantly more gaps and glue marks, the smaller pieces of wood don't fit together as well as the larger pieces on my previous table 3. more dents and chips, as the edges of the smaller pieces of the wood chip more easily in production.2
Very good qualityatrannI bought this to put on different legs (not ikea) and it's been a great desk.5
Terrible Off-GassingDeathfromFumesI will never, I repeat, NEVER recommend this table to anyone. The off gassing is terrible and there is nothing you can do to combat it. I have tried opening windows, getting charcoal odour absorbers, rubbing it down with coconut oil. Nothing works! Granted, the coconut oil worked for about 10 minutes before the fumes came back! Not to mention you have to sand and apply oil to the table for 2 months before it is useable! In all honesty the application of the oil does not bother me as much as how terrible the smell is. It has given me headaches, nausea, fatigue, difficulty breathing. I do not recommend! Save your money and get an all-natural wood table top, not this formaldehyde piece of junk.1
jdcabought this about a month ago. had to stain it and put 4 coats of poly, but the table turned out amazing!5
Solid wood table - great deskLittleLlamaThis is a solid wood table top so it is quite heavy but that's the beauty of it. It comes unfinished so you will have to put a bit of work into it but I promise you it's worth it! We bought two tables to be computer desks. You will need to sand the entire desk several times and it can be done by hand. I recommend using 80-120-220 sand paper. Additionally use wood conditioner before you stain anything, there is alot of grain raising since this is unfinished wood so a good coat of wood conditioner and then sanding after will help alot. We finished our desks with several layers of clear wood finish (no stain) and it looks amazing! The different wood grains and blocks really stand out for a unique looking desk.5
Splinters - Poor Quality and WorkmanshipBlackDotI've bought a number of these GERTON table tops over the years and found that quality of the wood and the workmanship to build the product have gone down significantly. Both tables I purchased in the past month could not be used out of the box and would require significant sanding to eliminate the roughness and splinters before applying the recommended oils. Furthermore, the selection of wood pieces was very poor. A lot of wood filler needs to be applied and one table even had rotten wood that was actually 'squishy' to the touch which makes me wonder how they could even pass quality. This is very unfortunate because I would definitely recommend my GERTON table from 5 years ago but can not say the same today.1
One Solid Table TopRickWoodyThe table top is made up of solid finger jointed blocks of beech hardwood laminated together to make one solid piece. This table top will out last you, never ending up in land fill like most other furniture today. The surface is roughly finished with small variations in some of the laminated blocks. The best way to create a smooth flat finish is with a belt sander. Borrow or rent one to do the job correctly. A palm sander will take much longer and result in an uneven surface. Start with 80, and work up to 320 for a beautiful smooth surface. Finish the surface as you like. Great value , if your ok with a little finishing work.5
Good tabletop; very roughHailYou truly must follow the pre-care and care instructions included if you want this to be a smooth, finished table. The wood is shipped very rough as a natural, unsanded wood finish. It is very rough. In addition, you must be VERY careful to not spill anything on this, especially before you've followed all pre-care instructions, as it will not be finished and may stain. That being said, I bought this to make an office desk with, and I love it. It is very large and perfect for putting 2 computers on - 1 on each end. The bright, natural wood colour really helps keep things lighter in my basement office. In total, I like the size of the table and how sturdy it is. However. the fact that it doesn't ship pre-finished and requires the customer to oil it for weeks before use is absolutely ridiculous. I personally didn't both with it because I put a tabletop desk pad overtop of it anyway, but if not, I would have returned it. It did not feel this rough (like sandpaper) when I had looked at it before ordering it. It should have just been shipped already oiled and finished.4
Excellent Value for Student DeskClass_of_21Purchased to use as desk for my apartment at university. Wanted something that would be easy to move when I leave and would last. Since it’s real wood I have lots of options for painting or staining in future. Like that it can easily be sanded if it gets scratched/marked. Since BEHANDLA wood treatment oil is no longer available at IKEA, I oiled with butcher block oil from hardware store. It really brightened the colour of the wood. Top was very smooth and had none of the roughness/unevenness that some others have mentioned. Paired with black Alex file cabinet and black Adils legs. Really like how it all came together. Now I need to hit the books! :)5
Ok if you"re willing to put in some workPaulMCThe biggest flaw in this product is the finish. The description indicates that sanding will be required (and it is), but the construction of the table does not lend itself to sanding perfectly smooth by the average user. The table is constructed of different strips of wood laminated together and reinforced by a metal bracket on the underside of the table (so there is only one usable side to this top - don't plan on flipping it over if you one day destroy the first side). The problem is that not all of these strips are aligned - some are lower than the rest. This means that when you sand the tabletop you will need to do extra sanding where the lowered strips meet the higher strips in order to remove the step that exists between them. Since you're probably doing this with a hand sander (electric sander highly recommended) and not a 30 wide drum sander (this would be the proper tool to fix this issue), you're likely to only smooth these steps out and not really true up the surface to something actually flat. As a result, you may be able to perceive subtle waves in the tabletop after sanding is complete and the surface is smooth (but not flat). The recommended oil was not available - I used 3 coats of Minwax Tung Oil after sanding smooth, and the surface came out very nicely (though still slightly wavy). Recommend applying coats 2 and 3 of the oil using a high grit (600-1200) wet sandpaper.3
Nice, but flawedakargusHad to exchange as there were several chips and slivers missing on one edge of the tabletop and also a fairly obvious flaw in the centre.3
Comment about instructions.Desk userThe intensive daily oiling regime in the instructions with the Gerton are only necessary if the Gerton tabletop is used for food or food preparation. If used as a home office desk, that oiling is not needed. The instructions should make that clear.4
Great Value Solid Wood Table ToptorbpI bought this top to use with a third party standing desk frame. I am not sure if some changes have been made to the product, but I did not experience any of the roughness or issues mentioned in any of the other reviews. I do recommend finishing this tabletop in some way, the Ikea oil would probably be fine, but I chose to stain and seal the piece. I am not an overly handy person, and this was a project that I was able to tackle in one evening. I stained the table with a one-coat stain, allowed it to dry for a few hours, and then put on 3 coats of a satin 'diamond' finish. Couldn't be happier with the result. Very solid, and looks like it's worth 10x what I paid after $20 of stain.5
Great deskLuc289I recently bought this desk and I couldn't be happeir. I’m using it as a computer desk and I have tons of space and it looks great. The suggested oil is not nessasary for indoor use. This desk is a great choice.5
used for island replacement topruudismompurchased to replace the top of my kitchen island, perfect size. slight cupping of top. very heavy table top, be prepared to finish with light sanding and wood oil, I have been using tung oil with multiple oilings, looks amazing.4
booker123I bought this recently as a new butcher block and I loved it!5
Perfect laundry tableHandyman414Use it as a self above my washer and dryer. It was a prefect size for the spot5
Excellent stain-your-self table!beechI LOVE this table top! I chose is specifically because it was unfinished and I was look for a solid wood table top to stain and seal. I chose a dark walnut and seal it with polyeurothane. It turned out perfect and solid and I haven't had a scratch on it yet after 3 months of daily use (can always re-stain if you want, that's a perk!). Ikea suggests to oil it with their oil you purchase additionally, but if you stain and seal on your own you can avoid this pesky suggestion. As another reviewer mentioned, the screw provided with the legs were too long for the holes to make screwing them in easy. Went to the hardware store and bought the same gage only half the length and they went in perfectly. Minor detail compared to my satisfaction with this product! The grains came out wonderfully with the stain.5
You can you use in the first two monthshalifaxStoreI bought this table two days ago. The assembly was a nightmare the drilled holes were much smaller than the screws AND the worst case is I just find I have to coat this tabletop every 2 days for two months why I don't have space for It. definitely, I will return it.1
Another LAME IKEA DesignToughCustomerI bought this tabletop (& some legs) for use as a computer table. This seemed like the suggested usage, given that two of the four pics on the website show it being used in this way. So I bring everything home & set it up. The first thing I notice is off-gassing (which also happened with the last wood-based IKEA tabletop that I purchased & wound up returning). No problem, right? I can open the windows and air things out for a few days. So three days later it's still off-gassing and the smell remains strong. The OTHER thing I find about the product is that it is rough around the edges. It's like they forgot to finish it off by sanding (in the factory) with 180 grit sandpaper. So then I go onto their website again to re-read the product description. On a more thorough reading, they're advising that you need to oil the product repeatedly (for a period of 2 months) and sand it yourself with 180 grit sandpaper. So basically, if I keep this tabletop, I will have to wait about 2 months before I can actually use it. My question to IKEA - WHY could this not have been done in your factory?3

Tabletop, beech61x29 1/2 " (155x75 cm)

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GERTON Tabletop, beech, 61x29 1/2 "