DEKAD Alarm clock, black
DEKAD Alarm clock, black
DEKAD Alarm clock, black
DEKAD Alarm clock, black

A modern quartz movement is hidden in this alarm clock with a clean and classic design. So you avoid being disturbed by a ticking sound as time passes, but you’ll surely hear it when it’s time to wake up.

Article Number204.040.00

Product details

No disturbing ticking sounds since the clock has a silent quartz movement.Batteries are sold separately, 2-AA 1.5V (LR6) required.The hands are set using the dial on the back of the clock mechanism. Moving the hands directly with your fingers can destroy the clock mechanism.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

Article Number204.040.00
  • Clock frame:Steel
    Front protection:Glass
    Clean with a duster.The hands are set using the dial on the back of the clock mechanism. Moving the hands directly with your fingers can destroy the clock mechanism.
  • DEKADAlarm clockArticle no204.040.00
    Width: 4 " (10 cm)Height: 2 ½ " (7 cm)Length: 5 ¾ " (15 cm)Weight: 10 oz (0.28 kg)Package(s): 1

Product size

4 " (10 cm)
2 ¼ " (6 cm)
5 ½ " (14 cm)

Ratings and reviews

Nice retro clockHongNice retro clock for a good price but we thought the numbers would glow in the dark as how the soft green paint often suggests glow in the dark. The display unit and product description doesn’t specify at all. The seconds arm also not working. No quality control there4
Great value for the price,KimGreat value for the price, better than expensive clocks from other stores5
Only thing that wakes my teen upCoreenFits her decor and gets her out of bed. Win-win5
Nice ButRaw78I love the look and the price not bad but I wish IKEA think to make some small lines and numbers in neon colours like watch so you can see the time without turning the light on at night time1
Vintage look, easy read, silent, LOUD alarmliv0707Vintage look, easy read, silent, LOUD alarm. everything that i need. it looks so lovely on in my vanity table or nightstand. i love it. i am only thinking of my overall carbon footprint, otherwise i really wanna get 2 more! thanks for this ikea! please dont discontinue it EVER!5
Perfect size and colour!Maureen53This cute clock is so quiet and I bought it in case of a power outage.5
AwesomeJust JoanI love not having my phone beside me when I sleep.5
Dekad Alarm ClockLittle RascalI was hoping this alarm clock was a louder than it was. As I have some hearing loss, I am looking for an alarm clock that is very loud, louder than normal.3
Good productRose ExpertI'm happy about the product, price is reasonable, and it works.5
Alarm Clock will wake the dead.Old girl 1010My teenager was not getting up for school After buying this alarm clock a month ago she has not been late.5
I really love this clockJustina8I’m so happy that my dad bought this clock for me. Justina5
Quiet as a mouseLinda kennedyI love this clock and am very happy with it. It makes no sound during use, which is great, especially when slumber is elusive. The alarm is anything but silent -a definite plus for deep sleepers.5
Great value, works well.GaryCI needed a LOUD alarm to wake me up as I sometimes shut off my phone alarm in my sleep, even if I set a couple of different iPhone alarms. I wanted something I could put across the room so I'd have to get up to shut it off; I also didn't want a snooze button because the temptation is always there to fall back into bed. Checked a few places, and this clock was far cheaper than nearly identical ones from other stores. It keeps highly accurate time, has a nice 'classic' look that would fit in any decor, and best of all, this sucker is loud! As seen in the photos, it has old-school mechanical bells with a metal striker- no cheesy digital stuff going on. No more sleeping in when I have something important happening. Should add here that the alarm is loud, not the clock- it is completely silent in operation, no ticking. Some other reviews mentioned not being able to shut it off, and the alarm time not being accurate- user error! There is an on/off switch on the back for the alarm, and the alarm hand is quite short, meaning you need to be accurate in extrapolating what time it's pointing to. A couple of alarm tests and you should be good to go. I guess you could also take a toothpick and hold it up along the alarm hand to 'extend' to exactly the time it's set for if you need to. And as a Family member, I got it for $7.99- Great purchase!5
Nice little alarm clockCanajIts quiet (until the alarm goes off), uncomplicated and looks great on my bedside table. Perfect.5
Great ClockAmiskClock works good and keeps the right time very nice that there is no ticking noise5
alarm clockMiss Emmavery simple to use for my elderly mother5
Tooo loudHussain81If you are a really deep sleeper then this will help you. Otherwise this will just wake up the whole house!4
dekad alarm clockawakeontimeThank you for advertising this product. I needed a replacement for my cheap alarm clocks that broke, were not loud enough etc. Also, the price verses comparable products was very favorable. I was so excited my Mom got one too!!!4
dumb dumb dumbwhy222So if I want to wake up at 6 am it rings. but there's no button to turn it off. you have to manually turn the dial to just before 6. if i'm not home till 7pm it annoys the heck out of my roommate cause it's been ringing since 6pm. Useless. Overpriced. Wasteful. can't even turn the alarm off to use as just a clock.1
Great retro design and oh so silent.DahliabirdThis is a great clock to put by your bed because it has silent movement so no tick tick. Functional as alarm and looks great too.5


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Steel has unique characteristics when it is stretched and shaped since it remains strong. It provides strength to everything from skyscrapers and cars to bed frames and outdoor furniture. The steel industry is moving in the direction of more energy-efficient production and stronger steel qualities. It doesn’t lose any of its properties when recycled and today steel is one of the most recycled materials in the world.

Alarm clock, black

Batteries are sold separately, 2-AA 1.5V (LR6) required.
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DEKAD Alarm clock, black