BROGRUND Bathroom faucet, chrome plated

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10 year limited warranty

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You save hot water and energy every time you lift the lever. The cold start function avoids the unnecessary use of hot water for daily rituals like washing your hands or brushing your teeth.

Article Number503.430.86

Product details

10-year Limited Warranty. Read about the terms in the Limited Warranty brochure.

The cold-start function prevents hot water waste and saves energy. When you lift the lever straight up, only cold water is released. The function restricts opening the lever fully to the right.

Hot water is released by turning the lever to the left. It is only then that hot water is consumed.

This is a durable faucet that you can use for many years, since the hard, ceramic discs withstand the friction that always occurs when you change the temperature of the water.

Chrome-plated brass is a hard and durable surface that is easy to clean.

An aerator integrated in the tap keeps the water flow just right while less water and energy is used.


H Preutz/N Karlsson

  • Strainer included.

    Water and energy saving aerator (1.2 gal/min.) for high-pressure systems included.

    Connection hoses with 9/16" connection included. Length: 13¾".

    A tool is included that makes it easy to install the faucet in place.

    Flow rate: 1.2 gal./min. (4.5 l/min.)

    Max. temperature hot water system 176°F.

    Spare parts are available to prolong the life of your product. For more information, contact IKEA Customer Services at your IKEA store or

    If you are uncertain about the installation, contact a professional. The installation shall be made in accordance with valid local building and plumbing regulations.

    Fits IKEA sinks and standard sinks from other manufacturers.

  • Material
    Brass, Metallized
    Brass, Brass, Metallized

    Wipe clean with a water dampened soft cloth and a mild non-abrasive dish detergent or soap, if necessary.

    Never use scouring powder, steel wool or a detergent that is calcium-dissolving, sour or contains alcohol or an abrasive.

  • Tested and certified according to applicable codes and standards including: ASME A112.18.1/CSA B125.1, NSF 61, NSF 372 and EPA WaterSense.
  • By creating all our faucets and showers in a way that helps people use less water and energy, we contribute to enabling a more sustainable life at home.



Bathroom faucet

Type of faucetWash-basin faucet
Applicable product standardsASME A112.18.1/CSA B125.1, NSF 61, NSF 37, EPA WaterSense
Max. flow rate at 3 bar5.5 l/min (1.5 gpm)
Max. static pressure10 bar (145.0 psi)
Tested up to a max. static pressure16 bar (232.0 psi)
Min. working pressure0.5 bar (7.25 psi)
Recommended working pressure1-5 bar (14.5-72.5 psi)
Max. hot water temperature80˚C (176˚F)
Recommended hot water temperature140-150°F (60-65°C)
Recommended cold water temperature10-15˚C (50-59˚F)
Connection hoses length450 mm (17 3/4 '')
Hose connection size9/16” x 24UNEF
Max. countertop thickness50 mm (2'')
Mounting hole measurement 34-37 mm (1 3/8-1 7/16”)
Strainer includedYes


Height: 6 3/4 " (17 cm)

  • BROGRUNDArticle Number503.430.86

    Width: 8 " (21 cm)

    Height: 2 ¾ " (7 cm)

    Length: 14 " (35 cm)

    Weight: 3 lb 11 oz (1.68 kg)

    Package(s): 1

Not happyJulieNot happy1
Looks great and works great!CarrieLooks great and works great!5
Very goodNAKIHANVery good5
Best faucets, saves water andZafarBest faucets, saves water and looks good. Easy to clean and operate. I got them on a special offer. Couldn't miss the deal5
Love the simple modern eleganceDarleneLove the simple modern elegance of this fixture5
Sparkle and powerfulSoniaSparkle and powerful5
Looks and works greatKerriePrice was good and warranty is 10 years by then I’ll want to change anyway.5
ok tapsgo awayI'm ok with them. Like the height. Streak way to easy.3
Sofia786Handle is a bit stiff so it’s hard to open just the right amount of water, it opens to a full blast and when trying to turn it down it just shut down2
Easy install, looks great!AliandersonInstalled on a non IKEA sink and just love it! Very easy install. Easy to use, great quality, loos fabulous.5
Installation tipsCortezoidJust installed this for a customer. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS, it is not faulty, you have to turn the handle to the left to get hot water. If you have standard height plumbing rough in, you will have to get a 3/8 female 3/8 male hose adapter, I found them at Home Depot. V nice unit, easy install.5
GarthakThe faucet handle is in the wrong position. Be sure to check it before you install it, or buy better quality.1
Love them!aga1234I got my plumber to install them for us. Like one of the other comments, the ikea faucets when facing streight are just on the cold setting. That is in order to save the hot water. You get used to it and it also saves on your bills. The ikea faucets are sleek looking. This one is well build. And that is something that even some of the companies in Home Depot or Kent i cannot say about. Before you buy a faucet make sure to check it for quality. This one is super sturdy and build well. Get a plumber to do it. And one that had installed ikea before. Not all people are competent to do that. My plumber used some of his gear and some connectors of ikea. So dont be surprised if there are few parts left over. Over all... great price, will last long time and it saves you money on hot water. The only negative that i would have is that water spots are left and visible on the finish. So better coating or finger proof finish would be the only thing that i would be missing to improve this product.5
Nice! Good quality, works well, BUT....JG Beeours was defective. got it installed only to realize that it is 90 degrees out of position. meaning, when it faces straight ahead, it is at maximum cold. it cannot turn to the right, only to the left. so 90 degrees to the left gets it to maximum hot. we had our plumber remove it and double and triple check the alignment however he assured us that we happened to get a defective unit. these things happen, i guess. not worth the 60km drive to get a replacement.3
Stranger Thingschris117I know Ikea is DIY, but this is borderline you need to be a plumber by trade. All pipe fittings are off, be prepared to spend another $50 just in adapters and extra hosing. Not to mention the tools i bought to cut the counter top myself. DO NOT plan to do this yourself if you are not experienced. This product looks very nice in the end, but you are bound to run into problems through the process.2

SustainabilityPeople and planet

Sustainable life at home

Water-conscious commitment in bathrooms

Every time you brush your teeth or wash your hands, you can help save water. A small aerator in every one of our bathroom faucets reduces water flow while maintaining pressure.

BROGRUND Bathroom faucet, chrome plated

Water-conscious commitment in bathrooms

Every time you brush your teeth, wash your hands, shave or take a bath, you can help with something essential – saving water. That’s why all our taps have an aerator that saves water and energy while keeping the water stream just right. But that’s just a small part of a bigger effort: conserving more clean water than we use.

Antony Smith, an engineer from England, remembers when he joined IKEA and the small team that develops our taps and showers. "I realized we practice what we preach about sustainability," Antony says. "It's a refreshing experience, but it makes our job really difficult because we genuinely have to deliver on sustainability with each product."

Water is precious, but often taken for granted

So, why conserving water? Because no organism on earth can survive without it, and no new water is created. It's constantly recycled, but our freshwater supply is overused and not evenly distributed. It’s impacted by pollution, contamination and climate change, too. "Those of us who live where you can just turn on your tap may not think about saving water; it's taken for granted," Antony says.

Thinking about water at every step

Behind the scenes, we constantly explore new ways to improve water efficiency. That includes providing factory workers and their families with fresh drinking water, ensuring all factory water is cleaned before release, reducing water usage in textile production and using rainwater to flush toilets in stores. And now we are working on new taps using sensors and spray technology – and new water-efficient showers – to save even more. Every water-saving action adds up.


What is brass?

Brass is a mixture of copper and zinc and the amounts vary depending on the desired properties. Copper is usually the main material and the more zinc you add results in the brass being harder and stronger, but also results in it being more difficult to shape and less resistant to rust. Brass can be recycled as brass but never into its original metals. At IKEA, we use brass for things like knobs, handles, frames and taps.

Form design process

Adding a little harmony to the bathroom, one detail at a time

We've seen from our global home visits that most bathrooms are cluttered, shared and improvised. They're spaces—usually small ones—to get ready during hectic mornings and destress at night. When we started working on VOXNAN and BROGRUND bathroom accessories, our team did something a bit different and held a workshop. Together, they came up with the theme of a bathroom being 'chaos and harmony' and used it to create products that make bathroom life a bit easier for everyone.