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Summer collection

The summer is finally here! No matter where or how you plan to spend yours, you will find all the summer products and decorations you desire here. Outdoor furniture, textiles, BBQs, decorative lighting and everything you could possibly need to enjoy warm, sun-filled days. Turn your home into a summer retreat today!

Throw a summer party!

Summer may still be a few months off, but borrowing the mood brings it closer. Discover our summer party range, with all the products and ideas to turn your garden, patio or rooftop into the perfect place for a summer party.

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ENTUSIASM blue patterned side plates sitting on outdoor table
    A green SALSKAPLIG water jug on an outdoor table with glasses filled with water against a red brick wall.
    A bird's-eye-view of a square outdoor table set with dinnerware and cutlery.
    A women wearing a black hat enjoying a meal outdoor while holding a glass filled with water.
    Two KORKEN bottles filled with a pink drink placed in a white RASKOG cart.
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    Spend more time outdoors

    Discover our wide range of patio & outdoor furniture – we have everything from smaller, lightweight aluminum furniture for the balcony, to a variety of sizes and materials, like rattan and solid wood furniture, for your spacious patio. Find the ones that suit your style and space and enjoy outdoor living!

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    Get your garden ready for summer

    Find plants, outdoor plant pots, and growing accessories that help you perk up your outdoor space so that in summer, you can relax. Fill your outdoor plant pots and containers with beautiful blooms that invite everyone to stop and slow down. Or create a corner where budding gardeners can get their hands dirty. And enjoy the magic of nature together.

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    A child seated on a white/grey JOLPEN outdoor 2-seat bench watering saplings with a bright green ÄRTBUSKE vase/watering can.
      A small white glass green house filled with plants.
      A outdoor SJÄLLAND bench in light gray/dark gray with four large concrete plant pots placed  on top with a ASKHOLMEN light brown stained trellis with greens climbing up.
      A wooden table with potted plants and a person planting a strawberry plant in a white in/outdoor FÖRENLIG plant pot.
      A white and glass SOCKER green house with a boy writing something on the glass.
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      Lights for lingering a little longer

      When the sun’s gone down, string lights, LED lanterns and floor lamps help you extend the joy of spending time outdoors.

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      Four people sat around a light brown stained outdoor NÄMMARÖ table below two SOMMARLÅNKE LED lighting chains with 12 lights.
        A light blue outdoor/battery-operated SOMMARLÅNKE LED decorative table lamp hanging in a tree.
        A lit, beige stripe battery-operated outdoor SOMMARLÅNKE LED lantern placed next to an outdoor pool.
        A beige/outdoor SOMMARLÅNKE LED floor lamp in front of a number of potted plants.
        A person hanging a SOMMARLÅNKE LED string lights with 12 lights in a tree.
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