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Kitchen faucets & sinks

Hard workers that match your style

Kitchen sinks and taps are some of the busiest working parts of any kitchen. What do you want out of yours? Whether you like to hand wash glassware, scrub your vegetables, give your plates a rinse before the dishwasher or simply add to your kitchen style, you can be sure we've got what you need. Our kitchen faucets are designed to reduce water consumption by up to 40% while maintaining pressure- making​ it easier for you to live a more sustainable life at home.

Saving water at every step

Earth may be covered in a lot of water, but very little of it is drinkable and even less is accessible. No organism can survive without it, and no new water is created. It’s constantly recycled, but our freshwater supply is overused; not evenly distributed; and impacted by pollution, contamination and climate change. That’s why we equip all our kitchen faucets with a water saving aerator that reduces water use up to 40%—while maintaining the same pressure. We didn’t invent aerators, but think they are an important example of how we can work together to save water for everyone’s benefit

Close up of stainless steel faucet in window lit kitchen.
    Close up of black stainless steel faucet with handspray.

      Kitchen faucet with sensor

      The kitchen faucet's sensor function is simple, hygienic and practical—perfect when you just want to fill a glass with water or rinse off your hands when cooking.