TRÅDFRI Wireless motion sensor, white
TRÅDFRI Wireless motion sensor, white
TRÅDFRI Wireless motion sensor, white

Now it's easy for anyone to use smart lighting. The motion sensor turns your light sources on automatically when there is movement – so you have light when you need it and save energy. Can also be used in bathrooms.

Article Number704.299.13

Product details

You can make your home feel more safe and secure with lighting that turns on right away upon motion.Use the motion sensor to automatically turn on/off up to 10 light sources - all will behave in the same way. The light sources connected to the motion sensor can be easily set at either 30% or 100% brightness.Tested and approved for children. Can only be used with IKEA Smart lighting products.Not suitable for use with wired dimmers.Do not mix batteries of different types, capacities or date stamps.This product bears the CE mark.Approved for IP44.Works with IKEA Home smart.Add the TRÅDFRI gateway and IKEA Home smart app for control through Apple HomeKit.Can be set for day or night mode.The light automatically turns off after 3 minutes.The motion sensor has a maximum range of 10 metres to the light source when not blocked by walls. For reaction to movement, the maximum range is 5 metres and a 120° angle.No wired installation is required.Batteries are included, and last approx. 2 years.Tested and approved for bathroom use.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

Article Number704.299.13

Product size

74 mm
44 mm
37 mm


It’s as basic as basicDjjlipodBrought it hoping for support to at least control when it would be used but nope. Connects to just Ikea lights. And turns on and off when motion. Plain and nothing about it. Doesn’t support HomeKit even tho it’s apart of a smart line of home products that does which makes no sense.2
SensorArchie pA revelation, so easy and impressive to visitors5
Neat and functional device, but...Leopold005After years of fumbling in the dark trying to unlock my front door, I got this (and an accompanying Tradfri bulb) to operate the porch light automatically. It's not as easy to set up as there are three very fiddly buttons, but once done it works pretty well. It can be a bit sluggish to detect movement, but that may be down to where I've positioned it. But what I do like is that you configure it directly with a couple of neat options, so you can tell it to operate all the time or only in darkness, and also whether you want maximum brightness or just 30%. This means it's also good for using on a landing, to automatically give the area a soft glow if you get up in the night, without waking everyone up. I could live without the tiny screw holding the battery compartment, but since this uses two cell batteries instead of just one, I expect it won't be something I need to concern myself with very often.4
Great Price, Great ProductRach OI love technology and I love this device! I added this to my hallway and kitchen as I was fed up of people leaving the lights on! I intend on buying more now, for the porch and bathroom. It’s great that the ikea lighting system is modular, I can just keep adding devices as I see fit. The sensor works a treat! The sensor is highly reactive and there is little to no delay on the lights coming on once movement is detected! The only thing I will say is that setup was confusing as the device has just been updated, I couldn’t see how to program how long the lights stay on after no movement, this used to be an option on the back of the device however this dial no longer exists. It seems that the device will stay on for a set 3 mins after no movement detected, which is absolute fine in my eyes! I think this is great for hallways, kitchens, porches, utilities but is not suitable in bedrooms as you wouldn’t want the lights turning on every time you moved in the night!5
Cannot get it to workMothy TimIt seemed to pair with the smart light but I could not get the motion sensor to do anything in either daylight or complete darkness despite trying/resetting/checking web FAQs, all the different sensitivity/light options, etc, several times. I took the first one back & tried another but had the same issue. Also I noticed that if I hold the connect button down for longer (the light goes through various flashes) it disconnects the light from the light's own remote control. I guess it could be a problem with the light (Tradfri LED) but that seems to work very well and paired with the remote first time. I am surprised as Ikea stuff is normally excellent.1
Simple/dumb motion sensorNumBnutsDon’t expect this motion sensor to do anything else apart from turn on a light or a group of lights for three minutes at a time. It’s not compatible with Apple HomeKit and if for some reason you turn the lights off with a switch or Siri motion sensor won’t turn it back on until the three minutes has elapsed From the last movement detected. Should be £10 not £153
Does exactly what I want it to do.JasebabeUsed in a dressing room without a window, turns on the lights when the door is opened turns them off when there is no movement. It just works.5
Good but hard to set upAshmac17Bought the sensor to go under the stairs for a bulb that I put in a lamp. It works perfectly and it’s just what was needed. BUT I found it extremely hard to set up between the night/day setting and the other settings. Also there’s no information about the length of time the bulb stays on for after no movement - so if your wondering it’s 60 seconds4
Very limited functionKayjSettings are very limited and you can’t ‘nest’ automations; where you have a lamp controlled by time, this will simply over-ride that instruction. Useful if you want a lamp that is ONLY controlled by motion... but there are easier solutions for that. Sadly, the Trådfri motion sensor just isn’t that smart. If it worked with HomeKit, perhaps it could be used in more detailed set ups.1

Wireless motion sensor, white

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TRÅDFRI Wireless motion sensor, white