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Storage solution systems

For every storage problem, there is a customisable storage solution for you. Our modular storage systems are designed to help you keep all your things organised throughout your home. Each system has parts, such as shelves, frames and cabinets that you can put together in unique combinations to suit your space and needs.

Two OMAR shelving units with clothes rail with colourful clothes hanging on the rails and sneakers on the lower shelves.

Meet the new OMAR shelving unit with clothes rail

Beloved for its sleek and simple design, OMAR storage system gets even more love with its new handy shelving unit with clothes rail. It’s great for storing and hanging clothes and accessories, anywhere at home.

See the complete OMAR system

The open-and-shut choice for flexible storage

However you keep items accessible and in order, there’s an IVAR combination tailored to the task. Build, shape and style see-all shelves, concealing cabinets or a mix of both (e.g. with mesh-front doors). Wall-mounted or on legs, wood or metal – the choice is yours. Fold-out desk? That works, too.

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An IVAR pine storage unit with a desk. Containers on a wall close by hold tools. A clamp spotlight is aimed at the desk.
A living room with several IVAR cabinets with sliding doors under a window, with glass vases with flowers and plants on top.
An IVAR shelving unit with cabinet with two piles of books on the bottom shelf, and a potted cactus plant on top.
An IVAR drawer is slightly open, with a rustic tea towel peeking out, and a ceramic bowl on the shelf above.
A rustic setting with an IVAR storage box on wheels with chopped wood in it, and pieces of wood on the floor.
See the complete IVAR system