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Product recalls

Here you will find the latest information about recalls on IKEA products.

  • pink, beige and blue ROLIGTVIS travel mug also made in india print on the mug.

    IKEA recalls TROLIGTVIS travel mug due to important safety warning

  • MATVRÅ Red and Blue children's bib two pack with the button circled in red

    IKEA recalls the children’s bib MATVRÅ, Blue/Red 2-pack, due to a choking hazard

  • SÖTSAK SKUMTOP soft marshmallows covered in chocolate flavoured coating (180g)

    IKEA recalls SÖTSAK SKUMTOP because of undeclared milk

  • GLIVARP extendable tables in white

    IKEA recalls GLIVARP extendable tables in white

  • CALYPSO ceiling lamps

    IKEA recalls CALYPSO ceiling lamp within date stamps 1625 - 1744 due to risk of falling shade

  • SLADDA bicycle

    IKEA recalls SLADDA bicycle due to risk of falls if the drive belt snaps

  • ELDSLÅGA gas hobs with red cross highlighing the affected hob

    IKEA recalls for repair ELDSLÅGA gas hob due to Carbon Monoxide (CO) emission above EU limit levels

  • SUNDVIK changing table/chest with red circle highlighting the locking fitting that should be used at all times

    IKEA alerts customers to ensure use of locking fittings at all times on SUNDVIK changing table/chest

  • MYSINGSÖ beach chairs

    IKEA recalls MYSINGSÖ beach chair for risk of falling or finger entrapment

  • CHOKLAD LINGON & BLÅBÄR 180g (chocolate with lingon/blueberry flavour), CHOKLAD LJUS UTZ 100g (milk chocolate bar), CHOKLAD NÖT UTZ 100g (milk chocolate bar with hazelnut), GODIS CHOKLADKROKANT 450g (milk chocolate with butterscotch), GODIS CHOKLADRÅN 168g (chocolate filled wafers) and CHOKLADKROKANT BREDBAR 400g (chocolate butterscotch spread)

    IKEA expands chocolate recall by 6 further products due to the presence of hazelnut and/or almond

  • Dark chocolate CHOKLAD MÖRK 60% and CHOKLAD MÖRK 70%

    IKEA recalls CHOKLAD MÖRK 60% and 70% due to presence of milk and hazelnuts insufficiently declared

  • PATRULL safety gates

    IKEA recalls PATRULL safety gates for risk of children falling down stairs

  • Example of where to find the PNC and SN Serial Number on IKEA dishwasher models

    IKEA have discovered a quality defect in dishwasher models

  • LATTJO bat cape

    IKEA recalls LATTJO bat cape due to risk of strangulation or injuries to the neck

  • GOTHEM floor and table lamps

    IKEA recalls GOTHEM lamps due to the risk of electric shock

  • LOCK and HYBY ceiling lamps

    IKEA recalls LOCK and HYBY ceiling lamps for risk of glass shade falling

  • RUSSIN & MANDEL raisin and almond mix highlighting the best before date, production date code and lot number

    IKEA recalls RUSSIN & MANDEL, raisin and almond mix, due to non-declared nut content

  • PATRULL nightlight highlighting how the lid is removed and risk of electric shock

    IKEA recalls PATRULL nightlight for risk of electric shock

  • Dr. Oetker Decor-kit

    Dr. Oetker recalls its Decor-kit because of allergens not being clearly labelled


    IKEA recalls PASTAÄLGAR and PASTAÄLGAR FULLKORN, elk-shaped pasta due to non-declared soy content

  • Child sitting on a GUNGGUNG children's swing

    IKEA recalls GUNGGUNG children’s swing for risk of serious injury

  • PATRULL KLÄMMA and PATRULL SMIDIG pressure mounted safety gate

    IKEA recalls PATRULL KLÄMMA and PATRULL SMIDIG pressure mounted safety gate due to fall hazard

  • IKEA bed canopies

    IKEA recalls children’s bed canopies because of strangulation risk

  • SNIGLAR junior bed with red circle highlighting around the affected metal rod

    IKEA extends the recall for repair for SNIGLAR junior beds