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Payment options

At IKEA, we think everyone deserves a well-designed, functional home – and that paying for it shouldn’t be difficult. That’s why we have multiple payment options for in-store and online shopping, including financial services for when you need a little extra help, which you’ll find on this page.

How to pay at IKEA Ways to payPayment terms and conditions | Frequently Asked Questions

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How to pay at IKEA

Whether you’re buying a new kitchen or just an IKEA hot dog, there are plenty of payment options. Which one is the best for you depends on where you’re shopping – and what you’re buying. ​

Paying at an IKEA store

We accept all major credit cards, mobile payments like Apple Pay or Google Pay, and cash for instant payments in our stores. But we know that sometimes, you need help bringing your dreams to life. That’s why we offer financial services and value cards, such as the IKEA for business payment card, IKEA Home card and IKEA Gift cards, which you can use when shopping in store. ​​We also accept One4all gift cards.

Paying at

Our online payment options are simple and secure. We accept all major credit cards (VISA, VISA Electron, Mastercard, Maestro and American Express) and Apple Pay. You can also use an IKEA Gift card, PayPal or IKEA Financial services  to complete your purchase.

Paying on the IKEA app

You can securely pay through the IKEA app using all major credit cards, IKEA Financial services , IKEA Gift cards and mobile payments like Apple Pay or Google Pay as well as PayPal. ​

Ways to pay

  • We accept the following cards when making an IKEA payment online and in store:

    • Mastercard
    • Maestro
    • Visa
    • Visa Debit
    • Amex
  • We accept cash payments at all of our IKEA stores except IKEA Hammersmith, but find that many of our customers prefer to pay digitally.

  • You can use an IKEA Gift card’s value in full or as partial payment towards something you really love. Just scan or enter the card details by selecting ‘pay with gift card’ when prompted at checkout.

  • ​If you’ve been given an IKEA Refund card, you can use it to pay in store or online when you find the thing you really want. Just scan or enter the card details by selecting ‘pay with gift card’ when prompted at checkout.

  • ​With our financial services, there’s always more than one way to pay. If you’re ready to make your house a home but need a helping hand, our finance services offer a more flexible way to pay with an IKEA payment plan.

  • Furnishing an empire? Sign up for IKEA Business and you’ll receive an IKEA Business card to use when making  purchases over the phone, via email, in store or online. Just swipe or provide your card details when prompted at checkout.

  • We accept the following mobile payment methods:

    • Google Pay (in store and on the IKEA app)
    • Apple Pay (in store and online)
    • Samsung Pay (in store)
  • ​Make secure payments with PayPal when shopping online or on the IKEA app.

Payment terms and conditions

The terms and conditions of your payment depend on which payment method you use.

Frequently asked questions

Some of your payment options-related questions will be covered on our Existing Financial Services page, IKEA Family page or IKEA for Business page. All the other questions we’re asked most often about payments are covered here: