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Smart hub & remote control light switch

These smart light switches and remote controls let you control all wireless LED light bulbs in your home or workspace. Create the right mood for any moment by turning them on and off, dimming them, changing the colour or switching from warm to cool light.

Installing a smart lighting solution does not have to be a high-tech hard science fiction affair. With just a few clever purchases, you too can have complete control of your lighting. Gone will be the times when you have to get up to activate a light switch. Here are the two easiest ways to get started!

Use a smart light switch

With a smart, wireless light switch, any smart lighting you have installed can be effortlessly controlled from a distance. Just like how the TV-remote revolutionized living room convenience, the remote light switch (together with a few wireless LED bulbs)can increase convenience in the rest of your home.

Install a wireless control outlet

With a wireless control outlet, you can raise the intelligence of any lamp that you already own. The outlet can be controlled via remote or via app, and anything that’s connected to it can be turned on or off remotely. This makes getting started with smart lighting very easy – simply try out a few smart outlets in your most well-lit room and you’ll fall in love with smart lighting in no time.

Still having a hard time deciding what to get? Check out our smart lighting kits, to get started right away.