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Home fragrance

How do you want your home to smell? Fresh? Flowery? A home fragrance helps set the atmosphere and can help your mood, too – like relaxing lavender. So take a deep breath and find a room fragrance you love. (Since your screen won’t offer much of a sample, a store visit may be in order. Yay!)

Scented candles for the perfect seasonal aroma

Give your living room that sensual atmosphere with light and fragrance. These scented candles bring the aromas of grapefruit and rose into your home. Choose the size that fits your mood, they even have a fun sticker so you can personalise your scented candles with messages or drawings.

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Three ÄDELSYREN scented pillar candles being lit with a match
Half of a grapefruit and various flower petals and two popsicles, with grapefruit slices inside, on an off-white surface.
An ÄDELSYREN scented candle sits in a candle holder on a window sill
A ÄDELSYREN scented candle in a a glass jar sits beside glasses holding desserts
An ÄDELSYREN scented candle in glass with lid in grapefruit and rose in pale pink colour, beside a notebook and pencils.
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Scented candles that bring home the fragrance of fresh berries

Brighten up your dinner table with beautiful, scented candles that add the aroma of berries. They turn any meal into a banquet and add a fresh background fragrance to the proceedings.

See the STÖRTSKÖN berries scented series
Five STÖRTSKÖN scented tealights are each placed in a FINSMAK tealight holder, on a table with a meringue cake and berry jam.
    A hand lighting a STÖRTSKÖN scented candle in glass, berries in red, on a table with a table cloth, plates and dessert.
      See the STÖRTSKÖN berries scented series
      A Scandinavian-style dining area with lit ADLAD scented candles and tealights on top of a dining table, by a large window.

      Create the right atmosphere with scented candles

      Different scents bring different moods. Discover how our new scented candles – made in collaboration with British designer Ilse Crawford – can create your desired atmosphere at home.

      Find scented candles for every mood