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Floor, wall, table, ceiling – there’s lighting for every space and every room. Light fittings can illuminate your home to help you read a book, slice a carrot or get ready in the morning. Check out our lighting range to find the lamps and lights to make your home brighter.

A new lamp with a bold glow

With its distinctive style, and interchangeable glass shades, this new space-transforming lamp is guaranteed to be a talking point, on or off. Our tip? Connect it with our TRÅDFRI remote control kit so you can dim and switch lights, and get even more ways to set a stylish mood.

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A brown REGISSÖR cabinet by a blue wall, with a white/light green glass PILBLIXT table lamp and a DYRGRIP glass on top.
    The top part of a white/light green glass PILBLIXT lamp with gold effect metal in front of a black wall.
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      Several SOLHETTA bulbs of different sizes and shapes are hanging from the ceiling in front of a dark green background.

      Meet energy efficient, long-last SOLHETTA LED bulbs

      The SOLHETTA LED bulbs will last approximately 25 000 hours and they are 35% more energy efficient than previous IKEA LED bulbs. Saving energy has never been more convenient – or more affordable.

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      Lighting series

      You can coordinate the look of your lighting by using different types of lamps from the same series.

      NYMÅNE series – Simple style that easily blends in
      NÄVLINGE series – Neat lamps with glare-free light
      SKURUP series – Rugged construction and timeless design
      RANARP – Vintage style with practical features
      HEKTAR series – Oversized metal lamps inspired by old factory lighting
      SIMRISHAMN – Modern chrome-plated with frosted glass

      A more relaxing bedroom with smart lighting

      Want to switch your lamps on and off without getting out of bed? Or lower the amount of light to create a cosier mood? It’s easy with a TRÅDFRI dimmer and the right bulbs from our smart lighting range.

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      A woman lies in bed and reaches out her hand to press a TRÅDFRI wireless dimmer on top of some books on a bedside table.
        A lit FADO table lamp on a windowsill near a TRÅDFRI wireless dimmer and a FRASERA whiskey glass on top of some books.
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          Person screwing in a lightbulb on a pendant lamp

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          If you need an extra hand wiring your lights, we can provide additional services at your home or workplace.

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          Having the correct lighting is essential for creating the right atmosphere in your home. It's what'll make those late-night dinners for two perfectly romantic. Or guarantee that the Friday family fun is always a cosy and warm event.

          With the right lamps, and the correct placement, you can create the perfect feeling for every moment. And whichever type of lamp you are after, our wide range of lighting solutions are sure to brighten up your day.

          The different lights everyone needs

          There are different kinds of lighting that should do specific jobs in your home. There’s general lighting, task lighting, accent lighting, and mood lighting. And all of them should be, at least partially, represented in each room. As a rule of thumb, that makes it out to about five to seven light sources per room. Read on to learn more about the different kinds of lighting and what you need them for.

          General lighting for general purposes

          General lighting, or ambient lighting, is a central light source used to illuminate an area in a uniform way. It's the basic light that allows you to navigate a room. You can think of general lighting as your typical ceiling lamp in the kitchen or living room. Most commonly, you get the best general lighting from larger pendants or longer spotlights or ceiling tracks, as you want to make sure the entire room can be lit up evenly.

          Task lighting for your everyday activities

          Task lighting is a bright, focused light that is dedicated to increasing your visibility for certain tasks. The purpose is to illuminate a specific spot or a general work area. For example, a reading lamp by your bed is task lighting that should properly light the pages in your book. The same goes for lighting the countertop in the kitchen; you need bright, focused lighting to see well.

          Accent lighting to highlight the details

          Accent lighting, or highlighting, illuminates and draws your attention to specific objects. Most commonly a painting, a bookcase, or a beloved interior detail. You simply put up spotlights where you desire, and direct them towards the object you want to highlight. This is a great way to play with both light and shadows. Relying too heavily on central lighting is likely to make your room look bland. But by using spotlights and accent lighting, you add both life and balance to your room.

          Mood lighting to relax and enjoy

          Mood lighting is lighting used to create a desired atmosphere in a room. It can be a cosy, soft light that makes you want to curl up on your sofa with a blanket and never leave. Or it could be coloured lights that give your room a sense of romance or mystery. Here, you can be a bit more creative, but mood lighting is typically achieved with dimmable lamps, candle holders, and decorative lighting such as lighting chains.