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Children's textiles

With a wide choice of patterns and colours, our children’s textiles add a personal touch to a room. Many have different designs on each side, so you can flip them and instantly get a new look. And all our cotton comes from more sustainable sources, which is good for your child and our planet, too.

Bed tents for more than just dreaming in

With a bed tent or canopy, you can create a cosy little nook that feeds your child’s imagination, where they can read, play and recharge with nights of restful sleep.

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A KURA reversible bed set high with a KURA bed tent and JÄTTELIK bed linen, with a PLUFSIG folding gym mat underneath.
A KURA reversible bed with a KURA bed tent attached to it and FLISAT wall storage on the wall opposite.
See all children’s bed accessories & canopies

Soft touches that make every day better

From the morning when they jump out of bed and put their feet on a soft rug, to the end of the day when they drift off to sleep in fresh bed linen with a fun pattern, you can make life better for your kids with children’s textiles.

A wooden LILLABO train set, a recorder and a toy dinosaur lie on an UPPTÅG rug with a large boat motif.
A pillow and duvet in a BARNDRÖM pillowcase and duvet cover with a forest animal pattern lie on a bed.
A KURA bed standing by a window.
A MÖJLIGHET cushion with a pattern of blue dots lies on top of a duvet inside a MÖJLIGHET duvet cover with a mosaic pattern.
Two LEN curtains and a FRIDANS roller blind hang in a window. Various soft toys peek out from behind one of the curtains.
A MYDAL bed with colourful bed linen in a child’s bedroom.
The legs and feet of a child who is wearing socks and striped pyjamas and dancing on a BUSENKEL harlequin/multicolour rug.
A pillow in a green BARNDRÖM pillowcase with a cat pattern lies on a bed with matching bed linen and a white cushion.