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Bathroom mirrors

Tested to cope with high humidity areas, our bathroom mirrors with shelf aren’t just practical for seeing where you’re really put your lip gloss or shaving cream. They will make your bathroom look bigger. Add a vanity mirror for close-ups, to make sure your hair is doing what you want at the back.

Mirrors make bathrooms

A bathroom without a mirror is a sad thing. One with multiple mirrors is amazing.

A bathroom with a rectangular LETTAN mirror with wall lamps above a white BJÖRKÅN sink and a white NYSJÖN wash basin cabinet.
    A woman holding a pair of scissors, looking into a positionable FRÄCK mirror while cutting her own hair in a green bathroom.

      A bathroom with blue floor and wall tiles, a free-standing bath tub, and white wash-basin with mirrored cupboards above.

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      Designed to remain clear in humidity, our bathroom mirrors, lights and shelf sets will reflect your bathroom even after a shower. Our range includes lots of large, round bathroom mirrors, too – perfect for making small bathrooms feel bigger.

      How can I stop my bathroom mirror steaming up?

      A great way to stop your bathroom mirror from fogging up after hot showers or baths is to open a nearby window. However, this isn’t an option in all flats, apartments or houses. If your bathroom doesn’t have a window, another good technique is to drape a towel over the mirror. This will prevent water vapour from clinging to the cold glass and will mean you can use the mirror straight away, without having to wait for the room to cool down.

      How do you hang a bathroom mirror?

      All our bathroom mirrors come with hanging instructions, and it’s important that you only hang a mirror with the specific wall brackets on its rear. You should also consider the type of material or wall you will be attaching it to, using appropriate screws. LED bathroom mirrors with small LED bulbs, like STORJORM, are great over the sink for shaving or doing your makeup – available online and in store.

      How do you position a bathroom mirror?

      Most bathroom mirrors and mirror cabinets are best placed above the sink, but that’s not to say you can’t get more creative. Consider adding a secondary, large bathroom mirror on another wall, creating the illusion of more space – a great trick for smaller rooms.