It's the soft, fluffy textiles that make a place your own – with a rug in your favourite colour or curtains you've sewn yourself. Where getting a new look is as easy as changing your bed linens. A place that invites you to get comfy and stay a while. All of the things that bring a home to life.

Meet our ergonomic pillows

A comfortable pillow is just as important for your head, neck and shoulders as a good mattress. And since we all look different and sleep differently, our new ergonomic pillows come in many shapes and sizes. Check them out and drift off peacefully.

Get a feel for our latest textiles

A bathroom with green walls, a grey floor, green bath towels and a green/white shower curtain.

Steaming hot nostalgia

Get the colours and comfort that bathroom textiles (from towels to shower curtains) give you. After all, getting dry (and keeping the bathroom dry too) is just as important as the showering part.

A yellow/brown leather sofa with pink, purple and green cushions, a pink throw and pastel-coloured posters on the wall.

A perfect imperfection of colours

Mix and match (or don’t match at all) your cushion colours on your sofa. It’s your home, so it’s your choice. After all, colour makes the world go round.

Find inspiration you and your home can get wrapped up in

Soft furnishings and home textile materials are a great way of putting your own stamp on living rooms and bedrooms. Whether you’re looking for blankets and bedding or cushions and covers, our textile shop is always fully stocked with the season’s must-haves.


How do I know which colour palette to choose?
When deciding a colour scheme for a room, it’s important to consider how your furniture and upholstery will work with the colour of your walls. If you have a patterned wall, you should consider neutral block colours for curtains and cushions to balance everything out, as too many patterns in one room can clash with each other.

If you have a particularly dark colour scheme, consider some lighter colours for your furniture, cushions or throws to help bring everything together. Another popular look is monochrome, which can be created by combining blacks, bold greys and soft whites. And if you’re decorating a bathroom, consider how your towels can tie a colour scheme together. Don’t hide them away in a drawer or a cupboard, use hand towels and bath towels to your decorative advantage.


Which colours work together?

If you want to go bold and impactful, consider contrasting your furniture with the walls.

Like vibrant yellows against deep purples; lively oranges and dark blues; deep reds to contrast dark greens; or a lime green with a soft brown.