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Your home and nursery furniture should help make the most of all the moments you'll have with your baby. We test all our baby products, from toys to nursery furniture sets against the toughest safety standards in the world. You can have a little peace of mind whether or not you get peace and quiet.

Sweet dreams with cots and cot mattresses

You’ll sleep better yourself knowing that all IKEA cots and cot mattresses are tested to strict safety standards. Plus, with many cots you can remove one side when your child gets bigger, so they can use it for longer.

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A home-made cushion shaped like a half-moon sits on a pillow on a GULLIVER cot with one side removed and LENAST bed linen.
A white SMÅGÖRA cot sits in a corner of a room with a bed canopy on the wall above it and near a STRANDMON wing chair.
A LILLEPLUTT soft toy cat lies in a grey SUNDVIK cot with LENAST bed linen. The cot has one side removed.
A child stands on a VILTO step stool holding a GOSIG GOLDEN soft toy dog beside a pregnant woman standing near a SNIGLAR cot.
A lot of cot mattresses are stacked on top of each other on a floor with a duvet, a pillow and a toy crown on top.
See all cots & cot mattresses