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Mattress bases

A mattress base can give you better quality sleep. How? Mattress bases help your mattress to stay comfortable for longer by absorbing most of the stress and weight placed on your bed. If you prefer a bed that stands higher from the floor, then a mattress base with legs may be your ideal option. Why not add a headboard to finish off your bed?

What are mattress bases?

Bed bases or mattress foundation or mattress bases – these are slatted or spring box bases for the mattress that help support and extend the life of the mattress. The mattress bed frames are available in standard small, standard double, standard king and slatted bed bases are available in standard single to standard super king.

What is the different type of mattress bases?

  • Box spring provides a strong and stable foundation for your mattress and helps to increase the longevity of the mattress. These mattress bases are ideal for old-school innerspring mattresses.
  • Slatted foundation – modern-day box spring are cost-effective and offers the best air circulation keeping the mattress fresher for longer. Also, the slatted mattress will prevent the mattress from sagging or slipping. These mattress bases are ideal for any type of mattress.
  • Metal bed frames – are sturdy and can easily hold a heavy mattress. Although you would need a box spring or foundation to go in between the mattress and the metal bed frame.
  • Wooden bed frames – Wooden frame comes in different colours and can easily match the interior of your bedroom. Similar to the metal frame you will preferably need a box spring or a foundation to go in between the frame and the mattress for extra support.
  • Platform Beds – are made of wood or metal they are perfect to keep your mattress in place. Most people prefer these frames for a minimal look and extra storage space.


If you need extra storage under the bed -then a raised slatted foundation is your way to go. All you would need is kallax shelving units, plywood with L-brackets and a power tool.