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Bathroom accessories

Everything has a place. Our bathroom accessories all serve various functions and offer clever solutions for putting away all of your toiletries. Tidy up and organise your bathroom to create a calm and stylish space to get ready everday.

A calm and tidy bathroom

Tidy up your bathroom with our EKOLN series. Explore our soap dispensers, soap dishes and more to help you keep your things sorted. Great for keeping toothbrushes and soap, or a handy place to pop your earrings and other jewellery.

Shop our EKOLN series
Washbasin with EKOLN soap dish, soap dispenser and toothrush holder in beige around the rim under a STORJORM mirror cabinet
    Washbasin with EKOLN toothbrush holder and soap dish in dark grey on the rim
    EKOLN bin in beige on a multicoloured tiled floor next to a black VILTO stool
    A black ENHET wall shelf above SKOGSVIKEN hooks with a EKOLN toothbrush holder in beige on the shelf
    A cabinet with GODMORGON mini chest of drawers containing makeup with a EKOLN toothbrush holder on top and next to EKOLN soap dish and dispenser
    Shop our EKOLN series

    Decorating a bathroom is all about the details. Most things in your bathroom, like your tiles, fixtures and utilities, are not replaced without considerable effort or cost. But with smartly selected bathroom accessories, you can get that fresh new bathroom feel quickly and on a budget.

    With some style, creativity and beautiful bathroom accessories from IKEA, you can create a lovely bathroom look in your home.

    Bathroom accessory sets

    With our bathroom accessory sets, your already all set. It’s the quick and easy way to give your bathroom an organized, uniform look. No more searching high and low to for a soap dispenser that matches your toothbrush holder – it’s all in the same package.

    We have sets with fierce colours that really pop, if you’re looking for a bold, high contrast design. Accessories in natural materials and textures like rattan or wood will give your bathroom a softer look. And if you’re into minimalistic design we have whole sets in clean finishes and calm colours.

    Just choose the materials, styles, colours and functions you like, put it in your basket and place it in your bathroom. You’ll undoubtedly find a set that fits your needs in our wide range.

    Stylish storage or classy convenience

    It’s easy to just focus on the look of bathroom accessories – especially since we have so many pretty options! But your choice of accessories should also help make your bathroom more convenient and useful. Because, with a disorganized and untidy bathroom, your beautiful decorations risk getting lost in the clutter.

    You can quickly get organised by sorting your make up, cremes and hair products in stylish baskets. Hang your towels on rails and hooks, and get your bathroom supplies out of sight with a tall bathroom cabinet. The right bathroom accessories will help you find what you need and add to your interior design.

    If you have need a lot of extra storage space, check out our bathroom furniture with storage solutions.