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Mirrors are more than just useful for checking how your hair’s doing. With their distinctive frames and shapes, they can really enhance your décor. Larger wall mirrors, or smaller ones grouped together, make a room look brighter and bigger.

We also have a range of bathroom mirrors, if you do just want to check your hair.

A mirror, mirror on the wall makes your room the fairest of them all

Fun fact about mirrors: aside from their practicality, they also transform small rooms by creating a sense of depth, and light up dark corners by reflecting light. Find one that complements the room it’s in – or sets a mood all by itself.

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The corner of a bohemian-style bedroom has a rattan mirror on the wall, EKENABBEN open shelving units and hanging plants.
NISSEDAL mirror sits above a dressing table with MUSIK lighting
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They say the eyes are the mirror to your soul. But what about actual mirrors? What can they reveal? Well, they may not be able to say anything about your soul (although, that outfit is looking pretty dope). But they sure can provide an eye-opening interior design detail!

By using mirrors in your rooms, you can change the perception of space and light. The reflection makes any light source brighter and adds depth and movement to flat, still surfaces. This gives the space a lighter, airier feel, and plays tricks with your mind to make you believe the room is larger than it really is. It’s quite a neat effect that will work extra well in smaller spaces, like a hallway or a narrow corridor.

Small, cramped space? The table mirror is your hero

Space is always an issue when you have a big family, a small living space, or both. Still, you need to get ready for the day and you want to look your best. What do you do when the bathroom is occupied, the kids are playing in the hallway and your better half is napping in the bedroom? Just grab a table mirror and you're good to go!

A table mirror is perfect for placing on top of a table, a desk, or any solid, flat surface. It’s small enough to be portable, but just big enough for you to fix your hair, put on makeup make up, and accessorise.

If you do have some room to play around with, a dressing table mirror might be a neat option. A mirror like that will fit nicely on top of your dressing table and will showcase a bit more of your wonderful self. Thus, making it easier to nail the outfit of the day.

Mirror, mirror on the wall (or floor)

Who’s the fairest of them all? You are, of course! But sometimes, a smaller mirror just isn’t enough to make sure. Especially not if you want to check that your sneakers go well with your jeans, or that your tights don’t have runs or holes in them.

For this, you need a larger mirror. Preferably a full-length one that is big enough for all your unique angles. A wall mirror or a standing mirror will fulfil this purpose.

A standing mirror can also offer a clever place to put away your clothes. Just hang them on the rack hidden at the back of the mirror. That way, your clothes will still look great the day after. And, it’s a smooth way to get rid of that “chair pile” where all your clothes just keep stacking up. You know the one we’re talking about...