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Get harmony into your life with a perfect balance of furnishing knowledge and audio expertise that absolutely hits the right note. Our Bluetooth and WiFi speakers bring you a wide range of choice, so you can fill your home with sound and music. Great design, great sound, music to your ears!

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"Alexa, play my summer playlist"

Our smart home speakers are compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Home app to make it even easier to control your home with your voice. These Wi-Fi speakers give great sound and blend seamlessly into your home.

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A black SYMFONISK picture frame with WiFi speaker is hanging on a white wall over a dark brown cabinet.
A white SYMFONISK picture frame with WiFi speaker hangs on a beige bedroom wall behind a bed with white bedlinen.
A black SYMFONISK speaker lamp base with WiFi and a black glass shade is placed on a wooden table by a green plant.
A SYMFONISK floor lamp with WiFi speaker is standing in a living room next to a green sofa on a cream rug.
A white SYMFONISK WiFi bookshelf speaker is hanging on the wall in a living room next to a white sofa.
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Great sound that’s in harmony with your home

Fancy great sound from a Wi-Fi speaker that’s also a lamp? Or from a Wi-Fi speaker that you can even use as a bookshelf on a wall? SYMFONISK Wi-Fi speakers are a collaboration with Sonos, designed to blend into your home while giving you quality sound for music and podcasts.

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A SYMFONISK floor lamp with WiFi speaker and bamboo shade beside a green PÄRUP sofa, on an off-white HJORTSVANG rug.
A black SYMFONISK WiFi bookshelf speaker lies on top of a BESTÅ shelf unit with door, along with various decorative objects.
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