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Sofa beds

We love furniture that does double duty. Especially for homes big on cosy but small on space. With a variety of styles and options like pull-out beds, futons, and built-in storage, our sleeper sofas ensure that you can have the lounge area you deserve and the second bedroom you sometimes need. Find mattresses for our sofa beds and browse our full range of sofas by style.

You can get a helping hand to assemble your new bed with our assembly service.

Sofas that transform into beds in a snap

A cosy sofa-bed is just what you need when your living room is also your bedroom or guest room. Faster than counting sheep, you’re all set for good night’s sleep.

Sofa beds do two, or sometimes even three, jobs at once – never resting – while letting you or your guests do just that. With a versatile sofa bed, you have a place to lounge and relax by day and a convenient, space efficient sleeping area by night. Some models also come with built in storage, making it an incredibly efficient piece furniture.

Transforming spaces: discover the versatility of sofa beds

Maximise your living area with the ultimate space-saver: sofa beds. These clever pieces of furniture offer comfort and convenience, doubling as plush seating by day and cosy sleeping quarters by night.

Why are sofa beds an essential for modern living?

In today's fast-paced world, efficiency and flexibility within our homes have never been more important. Sofa beds cater to this need by providing a dual-purpose solution that is both practical and stylish. Gone are the days when a sofa bed was a clunky, uncomfortable compromise; modern designs have evolved to offer seamless transitions from chic sofa to comfortable bed, without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal of your space.

What should you consider when choosing a sofa bed or futon?

When selecting the perfect sofa bed or futon, consider the frequency of use and the primary function it will serve. If you're anticipating daily use as a bed, opt for a model with a robust frame and a high-quality mattress to ensure lasting comfort. For those who will use it more frequently as a sofa, look for sturdy construction and durable upholstery that can withstand the wear and tear of everyday life.

The choice between a sofa bed and a futon also hinges on your style preferences and space constraints. Sofa beds often feature a more traditional design, with various upholstery options to match your existing decor. Futons, on the other hand, offer a sleek and minimalist look, often favoured in smaller spaces or as a stylish, space-efficient addition to a home office or guest room.

How can you seamlessly integrate a futon bed into your home?

Integrating a futon bed into your home is about finding the right balance between functionality and design. Choose a piece that complements your room's colour scheme and aesthetic. For a seamless look, select a futon with a simple frame and neutral-toned mattress, which can be dressed up with decorative cushions and throws to match your interior style.

Remember, the placement of your futon bed can significantly impact the flow and feel of your room. Position it in a way that it can be easily accessed and converted, ensuring it serves its purpose without disrupting the harmony of your space.

Here are a few tips on how to choose the right sofa bed for your home.

Size and space

When choosing a sofa bed, you need to consider what size sofa you need and what will fit in your home.

Do you need to fit a big family or group of friends in your sofa? In that case, maybe a corner, or a big 3-seater sofa bed might be a good option. If you lack space in your home, you might want to look at a 2-seater or a small corner sofa bed is very limited, we also offer a selection of single sofa bed chair.

Measure for both sofa and bed

Remember that the mechanism of turning your sofa into a guest bed means it will take up extra space. For example, a foldout sofa bed requires free space in front of the sofa, or at least space that can easily be cleared. A clic clac mechanism requires free space behind the sofa, since the backrest is pushed back and flattened. You can also choose a pull-out sofa bed or futon that will require free space in front of the sofa, just like the foldout.

If you’re short on space, storing spare bed linen might be a challenge. When that’s the case, a sofa bed with built in storage is a great solution. And remember, if you need some extra bed linen that matches your style – we’ve got you covered for that too!

Comfortable sofa beds

If your space is limited, fitting both a sofa and a bed in your room could be difficult. In those cases, a sofa bed could be the solution you need. Just remember, if your sofa bed is going to be your primary bed, comfort will be essential.

Luckily, we offer sofa beds that let you use a futon mattress – so you can get just the sleeping conditions you like. Choose the firmness, softness and support of your mattress just like you’d do with any regular bed.