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Curtain rods & rails

Bring your window dressing to life with our nifty curtain rods that allow panel curtains to span any length and even go around corners. We offer many choices of curtain hooks and rings, and finials, to complete the look. The curtain hardware may be simple, but the window dressing possibilities are almost endless.

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More optionsRÄCKA / HUGAD Double curtain rod combination 210-385 cm

RÄCKA / HUGAD Double curtain rod combination, white, 210-385 cm

More optionsRÄCKA / HUGAD Triple curtain rod combination 210-385 cm

RÄCKA / HUGAD Triple curtain rod combination, black, 210-385 cm

More optionsRÄCKA / HUGAD Double curtain rod combination 120-210 cm

RÄCKA / HUGAD Double curtain rod combination, white, 120-210 cm
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It’s easy to get lost in colours, textures and fabrics when picking out curtains for your room. But how you hang the curtains is just as important as the textiles themselves. Should you use a classic rod or pole for a traditional look? Or perhaps a discreet curtain wire that leaves all of the glory to the textiles. Then there’s the curtain track systems, where you can really get creative. If you’re having a hard time choosing, we’ve got some suggestions below.

Traditional rods and poles

Curtain rods, or poles, are the classical solution used in many homes. They tend to be more visible than other solutions. Therefore, you have to think of them as part of the décor, rather than just a support mechanism for your favourite drapes.

A carefully selected rod can make your new curtains stand out or give your existing ones a fresh look. If you’re going for the traditional feel, a black one with round finials will do the trick. But if you’re opting for a modern or contemporary look, stainless steel might be a neater choice.

Also consider whether to use curtain rings or not. Using curtain rings can add a good amount of exciting detail to your room. But if you have a very ornate design, they might make the room look busy and over-elaborate.

Winding wires

Using curtain wires is a simpler solution than putting up a rod. It’s a less visible, more discreet option. It’s perfect if you want something subtle that emphasizes your glorious drapery.

Simply mount the ends on the wall or in the ceiling and add the curtain hooks and textiles. The length of the wire is adjustable, so you can always get the measurements just right. On top of that, it goes around corners as well. That way, you can place it above corner windows or a door entrance. Or why not let it expand from a window and along your entire wall?

If that’s not the kind of space you have, you might be looking to add some privacy in a smaller room instead. If that’s the case, the wires will easily function as room dividers too.

Modern curtain rails and track systems

Looking for the sleekest and most modern solution of them all? Curtain rails or track systems are probably your best choice. Your curtains are guaranteed to glide smoothly back and forth. The curtains align with the top of the rails, so they’re practically invisible. And try mounting them to the ceiling instead of the wall. It will add a contemporary touch while at the same time creating the illusion of higher ceilings in your rooms.

On top of that, a good rail system allows you to customize everything and get creative. Want that cosy hotel feeling for your bedroom with layered curtains? Use double or triple tracks. Need them to go around corners in the living room? Get yourself a corner set. Do you fancy mounting them to the wall rather than the ceiling? No problem. With curtain rails, you’re free to create a solution that is perfect for both you and your home.