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Along with curtains, blinds put you in charge of what's coming through your windows, whether it's sunlight or inquisitive looks from the neighbours. We have a good mix, from blackout roller blinds for summer morning lie-ins to roman blinds that let you adjust the light softly.

Large lovely windows can be a wonderful thing. Fantastic light, views, life and movement. But if you’re looking to sleep in late undisturbed, or if you just want to create a barrier of privacy - then blinds might be something for you. Use as standalone pieces, or as a complement to existing curtains.

Different kinds of different blinds

Blinds can be used in different ways and therefore they come in many different varieties. That’s why we have an array of blinds for you to choose from.

The classic roller blinds

Roller blinds have been a classic for many years. That’s because they’re easy to use and maintain, and they do their job perfectly. If you are looking to make a statement of them, choose a pair of roller blinds in a bold colour or ornate pattern and they’ll be a standout piece. If you want a more discreet impression, choose a non-patterned model that goes in a tone similar to your walls.

The soft roman blinds

If you are looking to make softer impression than the roller blinds offer, roman blinds might be your thing. They are somewhat similar to curtains in that they create a fuller, lusher look. But they’ll still offer the same functionality as roller blinds. Combine with well-designed curtains for extra warmth and flair.

The clean panel blinds

Panel blinds are a flexible and elegant solution if you want to cover larger windows, windows in different shapes, or patio doors. The blinds consist of large panels placed next to each other when you draw them to block the light. When you want to let the sunshine it, just pull them to the side and they’ll stack neatly behind each other. If you’re looking for clean and modern lines for your larger windows, they’ll be perfect.

The sun-blocking blackout blinds

Our blackout blinds are made with a block-out coating to prevent light from coming in through your windows. That makes them ideal for rooms where you want to keep lighting down to a minimum. In other words, perfect for your bedroom, so you can sleep in late without being awakened by the sun. Or perhaps your media room, to avoid annoying reflections on the screen when you’re doing some daytime movie-watching.

Tip! If you want to create a softer impression, or want them to let the light in while maintaining your privacy, combine your blinds with clear curtains.