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TRÅDFRI Gateway, white
TRÅDFRI Gateway, white
TRÅDFRI Gateway, white
TRÅDFRI Gateway, white
TRÅDFRI Gateway, white

With the gateway it's easy for anyone to use smart products. With the TRÅDFRI gateway you can connect your smart IKEA products such as blinds, light bulbs & speakers and control them with the IKEA Home smart app through a phone or tablet.

Article Number203.378.07

Product details

With TRÅDFRI gateway and app you can control each light source individually, create different types of lighting settings - and control them by remote control or the app. You can turn off, turn on, dim, choose colours and change from warm to cold light.

You can use TRÅDFRI gateway and IKEA Home smart app to create several groups of light sources and control them in different ways.

TRÅDFRI gateway and IKEA Home smart app work with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and Sonos.

For best performance we recommend to maximum connect 50 devices to your TRÅDFRI gateway.

We continuously update the IKEA Home smart app with more functions and possibilities.

To use the gateway you need an internet connection.

Use the included Ethernet cable to connect the gateway to your router.

You need one of the steering devices in the TRÅDFRI series (remote control, wireless dimmer or wireless motion sensor) in order to connect your light sources with the gateway and the app.

Hidden cable management for ethernet and power cables.

Standby power consumption: 0.63W.

This product bears the CE mark.

IKEA Home smart app works with Android (at least KitKat 4.4 or Lollipop 5.0) and iOS (at least iOS 9).

The TRÅDFRI gateway enables you to use the IKEA Home smart app.

Download the IKEA Home smart app for free via Google Play or App Store, depending on which mobile device you have.

Special waste handling may be required. Please contact your local authorities for more information.


IKEA of Sweden

Article Number203.378.07


Height: 45 mm

Diameter: 110 mm

Cord length: 1.80 m

    GatewayArticle no.203.378.07

    Width: 16 cm

    Height: 7 cm

    Length: 21 cm

    Weight: 0.48 kg

    Package(s): 1


SmartVerified BuyerEasy to install and once set up just forget. Easy5
Too fiddlyJake777ggdI had to order 3 separate items just to have the plugs to work, not ideal when you can buy plugs ready to go. I also some plugs just couldn’t connect as they were possibly just too far away from the hub. Great price but needs some updating to be great.3
Difficult to installRaul_1987A bit difficult to install. Actuality I haven't got it yet.1
Disappointing waste of moneyThe old bakery kentI bought this to enable me to use my blinds via WiFi. Have up after a week after it permanently trying to update and it will not connect to Alexa. Basically wasted my money. No point taking it back as I live 50 miles away from a shop.1
The GatewayLeon256The Gateway works well when set up correctly. It does though need to be connected to other Tradfri products to be able to function properly. This requirement could best be highlighted in the manual but its not mentioned. So you do need to check / search this up to connect up the system. After installing all other components it does work well. The only downside is the system does works only on the home wifi and doe need connecting on an external VPN or SIRI/ALEXA5
Absolute rubbishTradfri_is_TerribleI have many home automation devices and lots of experience in setting them up, but this is the biggest pile of rubbish I’ve every used. Can’t pair lights even when right next to the gateway, won’t pair to my Hue environment, and gateway effective distance is shockingly bad. Avoid like the plague.1
It"s definitely getting betterLeopold005I bought one of these about a year ago, along with a bulb and the genuinely awful dimmer thing, and my experience was much less than satisfactory. It took an age to get everything to communicate properly and then, within 24 hours, the whole thing was broken and the gateway stayed resolutely offline despite much prodding. It turned out that there was a firmware update which broke something and I wasn't prepared to hack it to work, so it sat on a shelf, unloved. Fast forward 12 months, to coincide with the delivery of my Echo Plus (thanks, Vofafone!) and I decided to give this another whirl, this time with two new bulbs and the proper remote puck (which is a squillion times better). It took a little while for everything to pick up, but once it did, I was able to connect everything with ease. It seems there was a new firmware which appears to have cured the issues I was having. It's been running for three months with only one problem in that time, which was actually caused by my own stupidity. The gateway has definitely improved over time and I still like how the design allows for hiding the cable inside itself, making it very neat and tidy to install, if somewhat dull to look at. Not that you'll be looking at it. For those who want them, these are my tips: 1. When you've connected the gateway to your router, log in to your router and tell it to always assign the same IP address to the gateway. Apparently, it doesn't react well to being given a different address. 2. You have to connect the steering devices first. To do this, press the connect button four times and wait ten seconds. Then get the app to look for a device, tell it which one you're connecting, and then hold the connect button down and hold the remote right next to the gateway. Once it's found, the app will tell you. 3. Connect your bulbs, but leave them switched off for now. Tell the app to search for a bulb and then, at the point of searching, turn the bulb on, hold the reset button and hold the remote as close as possible to the base of the bulb. It won't take long to pick up, the bulb will flash a few times and then you're done! I found if you turn the bulbs on too soon, they stop being in pairing mode and you won't be able to find them. 4. Be exceptionally careful when assigning anything to rooms in the app. I made the mistake of putting both bulbs and both remotes in the same room, which led to both remotes operating both bulbs at the same time, which isn't what I wanted, and there is no way to undo it in the app. If you want to control multiple bulbs from one remote, this is probably the best way to do it. 5. Do yourself a massive favour and grab a home automation device (such as an Echo or Google Home) and link it to your Tradfri gateway. You'll need the security code on the bottom of the gateway, and I recommend taking a photo of it before you start. Once you've done that, you'll get voice automation and all the remote control goodness you thought you'd be getting when you bought this!4
Change "Smart lighting" to "Dumb lighting"TRM353Almost unbelievably, for a product rage described as 'Smart' and which is hard wired to the internet, the App does not function unless you are connected to your own WI-fi!!!! The whole purpose of smart technology is to allow WWW connectivity to allow you to control smart enabled technology remotely. Nice hardware, shame about the software:-(1
Would be good value if it worked (but it doesn’t)Anonymous reviewerTrådfri sounds good in theory but in practice is a huge faff. I'm capable when it comes to technology and I still couldn't figure out why the gateway just wouldn't connect to any of my routers. The power would go on but the light for internet connection never once lit up. I even went into my router settings to try and change some configurations that might help, but no luck. There is no support for this by IKEA at all. The phone app says to check the support pages but gives no link to them. After finding them online on my own, I saw that there were very few problems covered in the troubleshooting section. I appreciate IKEA is a furniture company but if I decide to offer a tech product, I also have to have tech support. And while I love the little pictogram instructions when building furniture, a technical manual needs to have a some written info about troubleshooting. This is absolutely ridiculous. Our gateway is going back asap. And unfortunately so are the WiFi plugs we were hoping to use with it, as they won’t work without the gateway.1
Limited valueNPH9If all you want to do is to have a semi-smart remote control then this is okay. However, as soon as you leave your home, it’s dumb: there’s no way of using this unless you’re in the same WiFi network, so no remote turning on or off of anything. you can set up a timer and it does interact with Apple HomeKit, but only when you’re at home. Not the product for me and it’s on its way back to IKEA. Also, it’s not at all intuitive to set up and the instructions wrongly state that you must wait until all lights are steady, which they aren’t until you’ve reached a later stage. Pairing with an existing Ikea light unit was not at all straightforward and the instructions were not easy to follow. Overall an unusually poor product from IKEA.2
It really worksAndy KeilBought this plus a couple of plugs and a switch. Setting it all up was a breeze. It’s worked flawlessly ever since. Its integration with with Apple HomeKit is seamless. “Siri turn off the lamps” is still a welcome novelty. That voice control is the fastest, easiest way to control lighting is what takes it beyond novelty and into a real, practical thing that improves your home. Excellent value for money, delighted with it and still kinda amazed it works!5
Easy to set up.JLCWBought the gateway and a plug adapter to switch on a standard lamp. Tried to set it up but realised I needed a 'steering device'. A trip to Ikea and I returned with one. Now, it was easy to set up and worked well with the Ikea app on my Android phone. Next, tried to control the lamp with Google home - worked well the first time. Good fun - recommended!5
Mood lighting for the loungeAshmac17Bought this to create mood lighting in the lounge. Easy set up, easy to add bulbs to and doesn’t take up much space (I’ve put it on top of the sky box). I love how you can hide the spare wires inside!!5
Great, when it worksollyjThis product is pretty okay. The app is 'meh' and build quality of the devices is average. I purchased this to be able to use 4 TRÅDFRI GU10's and 3 TRÅDFRI UK Plugs as part of my HomeKit setup. This is by far the least consistent HomeKit device and I am constantly having to restart the hub to have the devices become responsive. This is becoming progressively worse and appears to be a shared experience with other users. It is also ridiculously cumbersome to set up and has probably the worst set up process of any smart home device I have used.2
It works, but it needs improvementLittlewillpBought this to automate some of our house with Amazon, alexa. The initial setup which should be really easy, was plagued with issues due to it not being compatible with the BT TV Boxes. Due to the BT TV Youview box requiring multicast broadcasts over the network, it interferes with the Tradfri Gateway. The way I worked around this was to add a mini switch to the BT Homehub and plug the Gateway into that. Setting up is a bit of a faff and adding new devices requires access to the gateway (So don't hide it anywhere!). But once it is done The app on both android and IOS works well. Linking it to amazon is relatively straight forward, login and go through the pages to set it up etc. Once it is is done, Amazon recognizes it as devices and you can configure it to routines or control it as a device. (Alexa... Bedroom bulb on etc) The problem comes when there is a power cut... Either amazon or the gateway breaks the link and it forgets how to control the devices... Alexa bings tells you it has done it... but nothing... nada, zilch... You continue fumbling around in the dark for the blasted remote steering device... You have to delete the connection in the Tradfri App and re set it up... Not great if you live in a place with frequent blips in electricity! And you don't know until you ask for the lights to come on...3
GatewayBikerboyBought to support new automated blinds. Works as designed but can ONLY be contacted within the home on your own router. When many other gateways can be contacted from around the world this gateway has missed an opportunity. Supposed link with Alexa appears not to work from feedback left by others.3
GatewayWhitefireGateway works well with Alexa have 2 plugs and 2light bulbs and brilliant5
Nearly Really GoodTopchatThis is a tale of two halves. Connecting to our router through our home Ethernet cable network was impossible. No idea why this wouldn’t work as anything else using the Ethernet network does. Luckily connecting direct to the router with the supplied cable did work. Still puzzled why our Cat-5 cabling wasn’t liked. Once the router connection established everything else was easy. The Tradfri app is OK, basic but useful. Even the Apple Home app connected to the gateway without issue. Modest price, perhaps not powerful enough wireless coverage, and the hope that the Tradfri system becomes more ubiquitous.4
Simple to setupSpike2001Very easy to use with the App guidance. Have integrated in to my HomeKit system. A very good entry to home automation5
UnsupportableTechDirector22The product itself does what the basic description says and there is no doubt that it will become a very good product. The major issue with this product is it is effectively a complex computer/software item that needs the same support as for example a PC Notebook, not a one page manual with a few pictures. The website offers FAQ's that are useless and the links to support are almost never working (Opps! we seem to have a problem). The software upgrades are reasonably frequent now, however the FAQ's links show the actual software being many versions ahead of what the customer is allowed to download so the product shows you are on the latest version but the fixes you need are not available. The support staff in store only know the raw basics and contacting head office for further information falls on deaf ears. So IKEA have a major challenge here to provide; like all computer companies do a reasonable level of customer support, sensible information flow and much better documentation (this is not a piece of furniture). I know the customer information flow for this product is the worst I have ever seen and I have 40 years of experience developing mass market products. If you need to try it, buy one from bargain corner there are dozens returned to my local store every month because customers don't understand the complex issues installing them. An example of this is bargin corner are currently selling off old controllers but the new controllers are physically identical and nobody in store knows the differences. Buyer beware is the normal phrase used here. Overall its OK if you have the necessary experience.3
TRÅDFRI Gateway, white

IKEA Home smart

What defines a smart product? The possibility to connect it to the Internet? That it’s wireless? To us, it’s a product that makes the everyday easier.

Most people who want to make their home smarter, start with the lighting. When you add the TRÅDFRI gateway, you can make it even smarter. Together with connected lamps you can set different scenes and timers – so you always wake up with a soft, gentle light in the mornings and can call ‘lights out’ when it’s bedtime. “You can connect many different product types to the TRÅDFRI gateway. All to make your life at home more convenient, in more than one way,” says Rebecca Töreman who works with connected products at IKEA.

Improving life at home

Smart lighting is one way we’re using technology to improve life at home. Imagine a cosy weekday family dinner, lights glowing soft and warm. When the meal is done, the table is cleared for homework, which calls for clean, bright light. The goal of Rebecca and the Smart lighting team is to make that transition simple and smooth. Literally, it can be at the touch of a button. “Lighting is such an important part of life at home,” says Rebecca. “You do so many activities every day at home and the light needs to support you in doing all these things.” The range is made up of products that can be combined to create a personalised home lighting solution. It includes LED bulbs, panels and cabinet doors that can all be controlled by a remote. You can dim them and even change the tone of the light, from warm to cold. One remote can control up to 10 Smart lighting products.

Making home tech affordable

Smart lighting technology isn’t new, but so far it hasn’t been so accessible. “It’s been very expensive and complicated,” says Rebecca. “If we can develop Smart lighting that’s easy to understand and affordable, it actually becomes accessible to the many people.” When it comes to cost, Rebecca and her team set a personal goal. “What would we want to pay for a light bulb like this?” asks Rebecca. “We’ve been going back to this idea throughout the whole process.” Working with large volumes has helped lower costs. And, by collaborating with experienced tech suppliers, we’ve been able to find smart ways to save. Those savings are then passed on to the customer.

User friendly and convenient

By offering “kits” that have everything you need to get started, we make it easier to have Smart lighting in your home. And, if you end up wanting to expand your solution, it’s simple. “You can start with the function that suits you and your family’s life, and you can build on that,” says Rebecca. You can look forward to even more Smart lighting products from IKEA in the future. “There will be upgrades and new things customers can do to improve and build on the system,” says Rebecca, who sees a fuss-free future where very little can interrupt a lazy afternoon. “If you sit in your sofa and want to turn on the light, but the light switch is over on the wall, well, obviously with the wireless remote you don’t actually have to get up!”

If it’s simple to use, it’s smart

With the help of the TRÅDFRI gateway, IKEA connected products can be steered through the IKEA Home smart app or a voice assistant like Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri or Google Assistant. Say ‘dinner time’ to dim the lights and play your favourite music in the background. Or flood the room with light so no spot or crumb can hide when it’s time to clean up. “We’re using a standard technology and adapting it to peoples’ needs as home furnishing specialists, not tech specialists. We want our connected products to be easy to use – you shouldn’t have to be an engineer to make them work,” says Rebecca.

More connected products are coming

From being toys mostly for people interested in new gadgets, connected products have become useful instruments to tackle common everyday inconveniences. It has inspired Rebecca and her colleagues to explore more ways to make the home more comfortable. Blinds that automatically open while you’re still in bed is one example. “We’re continuously adding new products that work with TRÅDFRI gateway and the IKEA Home smart app. You can update your home with new functions and make it as smart as you want, in the pace you prefer.”

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Function solution

From smart lighting to smart home

To us, a smart product is something that makes the everyday easier. With TRÅDFRI gateway and connected products, you can set different scenes and timers at home. So the lights turn on and your blinds open in the morning while you’re still in bed. Or not, if you decide to sleep in. You can steer everything through the IKEA Home smart app on your phone or tablet. Or a voice assistant if you prefer that. All to make your life at home more convenient, in more than one way.