SYLT LINGON Lingonberry jam, organic,

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Swedes love to eat lingonberry jam with meatballs, mashed potatoes and cream sauce, but the light sweetness is also great with other classic dishes like potato fritters, dumplings and pork pancakes.

Article Number103.086.26

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Lingonberries grow wild in Swedish forests, and in late summer the ground shines red from the small sour berries.

Organic food production aims at sustaining farming practices that are better for people and planet.

Article Number103.086.26


    Net weight: 400 g

    • SYLT LINGONArticle Number103.086.26

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      Diameter: 8 cm

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    First time we have boughtVerified BuyerFirst time we have bought this product Great to accompany a great British roast dinner5
    Very tasty item Eat onVerified BuyerVery tasty item Eat on bread or with ikea meatballs5
    YummyVerified BuyerSwiss meatballs just wouldn't be the same without it!5
    Buy it and you wontVerified BuyerBuy it and you wont be desappoited!!5
    TastyVerified BuyerTasty5
    Luscious lingonberry 2Verified BuyerGoes with everything. . . .not just Swedish meatballs5
    Beautiful not a good asVerified BuyerBeautiful not a good as real homemade like we had in Sweden but very close.5
    Goes well with everythingVerified BuyerA more rounded alternative to cranbury and a sweet and sour version of redcurrant jelly5
    DeliciousVerified BuyerCompliments the meatballs perfectly and great with other dishes too .5
    Delish!Verified BuyerDelish!5
    Very tasty indeed - apartVerified BuyerVery tasty indeed - apart from the meatballs, I used this to accompany Turkey and nutroast , as it is not as tart/sharp as cranberry sauce. Only wish I could order this and the creamy gravy sauce online as there is no IKEA store in Cumbria.5
    Lingonberry jamVerified BuyerIt tastes qbsolutely gorgeous, but getting a bit expensive now.5
    Yes very nice, great withVerified BuyerYes very nice, great with meats and adding to other foods.5
    JamVerified BuyerOMG . Got addicted to it. Absolutely delicious!!! Thanks!5
    fabulous jamVerified Buyerprefer this to cranberry sauce5
    DeliciousVerified BuyerDelicious5
    Family love it with theVerified BuyerFamily love it with the meal balls5
    PerfectVerified BuyerPerfect5
    Jam with a different taste.Verified BuyerNice jam but a little bit expensive. Great for using with any type of meatballs or different types of meat. Nice jam but a little bit expensive. Great for using with any type of meatballs or different types of meat.4
    Compliments the meatballsVerified BuyerCompliments the meatballs5

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    Without a doubt, meatballs are the best known of all Swedish dishes, traditionally served with potatoes, lingonberry jam and cream sauce. The dish is an unexpected meeting of flavours as the lingonberry sweetness contrasts, yet harmonizes, with the meatballs, while the cream sauce serves as a neutral “mediator” between the two. Naturally, you’ll find all the ingredients in the IKEA store.

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    Small red delicacies

    In late summer, the ground in the Swedish forest shines red. It’s lingonberry season and the small sour berries that thrive best in cold climates are ready to be picked. Swedes love eating the jam made from lingonberries with meatballs, mashed potatoes and cream sauce. The light sweetness is also great with other classic dishes like potato fritters, potato dumplings and pork pancakes. Maybe it will be extra tasty knowing that our SYLT LINGON is organic.