LEIRVIK Bed frame, white/Luröy, Standard Double
LEIRVIK Bed frame, white/Luröy, Standard Double
LEIRVIK Bed frame, white/Luröy, Standard Double
LEIRVIK Bed frame, white/Luröy, Standard Double
LEIRVIK Bed frame, white/Luröy, Standard Double
LEIRVIK Bed frame, white/Luröy, Standard Double
LEIRVIK Bed frame, white/Luröy, Standard Double
LEIRVIK Bed frame, white/Luröy, Standard Double
LEIRVIK Bed frame, white/Luröy, Standard Double
LEIRVIK Bed frame, white/Luröy, Standard Double

If you’re a romantic, you’ll find it hard to resist these decorative curves in white steel. Make the bed with beautiful textiles and pillows and enjoy your dreams with fairy tale endings.

Article Number192.772.96

Product details

The light and airy design together with the sturdy metal bedframe will stand the test of time. You can sit up comfortably in bed thanks to the high headboard – just prop some pillows behind your back and you will have a comfortable place to read or watch TV.The high footboard keeps bed textiles from falling onto the floor while you sleep.You can choose the mattress comfort that’s best for you – the high head- and footboards work well with mattresses of different thicknesses. There’s plenty of space under the bed for storage boxes - perfect for storing extra quilts and pillows.You can easily vacuum under the bed frame to keep the space clean and dust-free.16 layer-glued slats adjust to your body weight and increase the suppleness of the mattress.The price for this combination includes SKORVA midbeam, but it is a separate product which you pick from its own shelf at the store. If you buy the bed via the website, SKORVA midbeam is included in the delivery.Slatted bed base is included in the price but packaged separately.Create extra storage space under the bed with VARDÖ bed boxes.Mattress and bedlinen are sold separately.Designer

Carina Bengs/IKEA of Sweden

  • Head and footboard
    Basematerial:Steel, Steel, Pigmented epoxy/polyester powder coating
    Knob/ Leg:Steel, Pigmented epoxy/polyester powder coating
    Bed sides
    Steel, Pigmented epoxy/polyester powder coating
    Galvanized steel
    Slatted bed base
    Bed slats:Layer-glued wood veneer, Birch veneer, Adhesive resin as coating
    Ribbon:100 % polyester
    Wipe clean with a cloth dampened in a mild cleaner.Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
  • Slatted bed baseAt least 50% (weight) of this product is made from renewable materials.Renewable material (wood).
  • This product comes as 4 packages.
    LEIRVIKHead and footboardArticle no.:204.243.81
    Width: 66 cmHeight: 8 cmLength: 145 cmWeight: 17.23 kgPackage(s): 1
    LEIRVIKBed sidesArticle no.:202.629.96
    Width: 17 cmHeight: 6 cmLength: 193 cmWeight: 9.98 kgPackage(s): 1
    SKORVAMidbeamArticle no.:901.245.34
    Width: 7 cmHeight: 6 cmLength: 139 cmWeight: 3.62 kgPackage(s): 1
    LURÖYSlatted bed baseArticle no.:502.787.26
    Width: 19 cmHeight: 10 cmLength: 67 cmWeight: 9.00 kgPackage(s): 1

Product size

199 cm
143 cm
Footboard height: 
98 cm
Headboard height: 
146 cm
Mattress length: 
190 cm
Mattress width: 
135 cm


Top qualityVerified BuyerTop quality4
Squeaky poor bedHelsbellzWorst bed frame ever. I don’t understand why Ikea is still selling this! I had the old black version that lasted 15 years. I complained to customer service about how bad this bed is and was told they can’t do anything as I didn’t have my receipt. It squeaks and shakes and is very badly made1
Second hand is twice the loveVicky LemonMy bed frame.. this exact frame is currently 11 years old. I havent had to tighten it. The frame is strong and supportive The bed is comfortable, supportive and contemporary.. even after 11 years. I would recommend it anyone as the cost is low for the quality and product you get. I absolutely love this bed.5
Very dissapointeddebbieluvI wouldn't recommend this bed unless you enjoy constructing and deconstructing things multiple times to return. I am now on the second frame which I am now having to return for the exact same problem I returned the previous one for. The bolts have to be tightened regularly and once again the legs have started to almost warp so they arent sturdy. This bed is used mainly by the cat who weighs less than a stone and occasionally my husband when he snores who isn't heavy at all. How this hasn't been discontinued already i have no idea.1
Love this bedSabre99We have had this bed assembled and using it for 8 months now, had no problems with it what so ever we nearly never bought it because of the reviews but we went ahead and love it5
A perfectly good bedDovejpgI don't know why everyone brands this bed as terrible, I've slept with this exact frame for 3 years and it's still in great condition. Very stable and sturdy also.4
Beautiful bedMelodie96I’ve had this bed for over five years. I have never once had a problem and I’m very confused by the incredibly low reviews! I love this bed, it’s beautiful and has lasted me so well. It’s never weakened, and doesn’t squeak at all!5
Dissapointing, avoidJcdweebafter a few months you will need to keep tightening all bolts due to creaking which is acceptable but then the legs are weakly spot welded to an internal tube and once these fail they can't be repaired. I have 3 of these beds and all have failed and can't get a replacement1
Bed - Why Is It Still On SaleSteveCOThe 1 star reviews on here tell the story well. I regret not reading them prior to purchase. The 2 or higher reviews will come from people who have just bought it, have it for occasional use of have them in a rented property and therefore not used by them directly. Ours has had periodic use but returning daughter has 'slept' on it for 3 months - it squeaks a lot due to its design. There's no point me complaining because it is over 12 months old. But buy at your own risk.1
Nice bed but wobbly after a couple of monthsLewisHamilton1989The bed itself was easy to build and look beautiful for the first couple of months. After this the legs have become really wobbly and really unsteady. I thought this could have been an issue caused by my own doing but when I took it apart to examine the actual legs that go into the bed frame wobble themselves and look like this has come loose from the rest of the leg itself. It’s such a shame as I’ve had this bed a while now and have tried to patch it up and even called ikea to try and get some replacements but they didn’t want to hear it. This was the first and probably last Ikea bed I will own. After just over a year I finally have to admit defeat and purchase a new bed frame.1
A terrible design of a pretty bedNottsjayThe legs on this bed are unusual In design and support for the bed relies entirely on a very small spot weld. Once this is broken the bed wobbles and squeaks like mad every time you move. It will keep you awake at night. There’s other reviews that all mention this fault. A no quibble refund should be offered. I’ve lost receipt so unable to get refund.1
The perfect bed!KD_1234Had my eye on this bed for a while! Saw a few iffy reviews about it being too squeaky but mine is PERFECT! I absolutely love it. Makes any bedroom look stylish as ever, what a bargain!5
1 star is too muchJadejadeI'll just say; the bed is awful, don't buy it, I've suffered 18 months, you'll tighten it more and more as the months go on and let's not talk about the sqeaking noise! Hope this helps.1
Chantay24Comfortable very sturdy easy to assemble, had it over a year now have no problems with it.4
Don"t waste your moneyAlexandra_91I bought this bed nearly 3 years ago - one for myself, and one for my mother. At first it was everything we wanted. We chose this one because of how lovely it looks. After about 6 months we noticed it being very wobbly and noisy. We tightened it and it was fine again for about 6 months. We went to tighten it again, however we noticed that this didn't work. The screws no longer tightened. The noise was horrendous, and it felt like an aeroplane taking off and landing every time someone moved! We rang IKEA to see if they could refund, or even replace the frame - as we still liked the aesthetic of it, however they said because it was over the 365 days they couldn't assist. My mums was the same after about 18 months. We have had to resort to sleeping on the floor, as unable to afford another bed currently - its been about 18 months on the floor now!1
Looks nice but design in flooredKatie89NDesign looks nice. My issue is that the legs are separate from the frame and wobble constantly. I’ve tried to push back into a stable position but as soon as you sit on the bed it wobbles back. A very unstable design and it looks like it could snap any second.2
Recommend Leirvk bedsFlat ownerI have 12 of these in my student flats for 5 years. Not a single problem. Strong, bright, comfortable, clean. They also have space below for 30 cm deep slide in storage containers. I really scratch my head reading the poor ratings.5
Leirvik Bed frameMike57357Firm, strong, as landlord change most of my wooden bed to Leirvik Bed Frame; the design is vey fabulous; it reminds me of my old grandfather bed.5
The Perfect BedMeganKirkThis bed is excellent. It looks extremely grande with having such a tall headboard, and we love it. The bed makes absolutely no noise- I largely think that the quality of your mattress is what stops the bed from being the typical noisy metal bed, as we have had no trouble at all and have a high quality foam mattress. Well worth the purchase.5
So noisyNatalie rowlandI love the style, it was bought for Christmas for me but it is so wobbly and noisy even when turning over the noise is unbearable. It wakes everyone up even when getting out of bed1

Designer thoughts

Designer thoughts

"When I designed LEIRVIK bed frame I was inspired by the almost limitless possibilities metal gives to combine soft organic forms with straight, simple ones. My biggest challenge was the high headboard, which I finally decided to make in two parts to simplify transport. Most fun was shaping the knobs, legs and details directly at the lathe machine. I followed my instincts and made them without using drawings. I hope the bed will appeal to everyone who dreams of a romantic bedroom."

Designer Carina Bengs

Bed frame, white/LuröyStandard Double

Mattress and bedlinen are sold separately.
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LEIRVIK Bed frame, white/Luröy, Standard Double