LADDA Rechargeable battery, HR6 AA 1.2V
LADDA Rechargeable battery, HR6 AA 1.2V

You reduce costs and waste by switching to rechargeable batteries, especially if you are a frequent user of traditional alkaline ones. In addition, you will always have working batteries when needed!


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The LADDA rechargeable batteries work in all kinds of products, but from an environmental and sustainability perspective, they do most good when used in energy-intensive products. You save money over time by using these batteries in products with high energy consumption, such as portable speakers, toys, torches and cameras.The battery is ready to use.WARNING! Keep batteries out of reach of children and pets. To swallow a battery could be fatal. If this happens seek medical attention at once.WARNING! If a battery has been swallowed or if you suspect that a battery has been swallowed, seek immediate medical attention! Swallowing a battery may lead to severe injuries and death.Do not attempt to charge non-rechargeable batteries.Do not deform, damage, dismantle, open or short-circuit batteries.Do not expose batteries to heat, fire or any type of liquid.In the event of a leaking battery, do not allow liquid to come in contact with skin or eyes. If exposed to liquid, rinse with plenty of water and seek medical advice.You can recharge these batteries approx. 500 times.Life time: approx. 5 years.This product bears the CE mark.For rechargeable batteries, only use the intended charger.Remove batteries from the charger when fully charged.Observe the polarity marks plus (+) and minus (−) and ensure correct battery insertion into charger or product.Only use batteries that are intended for the product. Do not mix old and new batteries, different brands or types.Batteries should be handed in for recycling in accordance with local environmental regulations for waste disposal.Voltage: 1.2V.Battery capacity: 2450 mAh.
  • Steel, PET plastic
  • Special waste handling may be required. Please contact your local authorities for more information.By creating products that help people minimize waste, we contribute to enabling a more sustainable life at home.
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Rechargeable batteriesVerified BuyerThese batteries seem to last longer than the previous ones that IKEA used to sell. Are used to use the Ladda 1000 which lasted quite some time.5
Rechargeable batteriesVerified BuyerBought by mistake ! Great buy!5
Small package, long delay.L EntourloopThese took somthing linke two weeks to be delivered. That sort of delay imight be expected for some low volume item like a kitchen door but for batteries which are piled high in every Ikea I have ever visited this is very poor service.3
One of the staples of homeMrs ChipsI have a lot of these, they are recharged as soon as flat. Woud not be without them5
Great value, very quick to charge.windysurferThese out last all the major brands. We have about 100 Ikea rechargeable batteries in our house, all Ikea.5
Rechargeable batteriesFellWalkerBought to power a high powered camera flashgun. I used them for about 200 images and they still have good reserves. They are a similar specification to a recognised name but half the price. Well recommended and being rechargeable are also eco friendly.5
RechargeableBowlezeI have used the Ikea rechargeable batteries for many years and always keep a small stock ready to change when the need to recharge occurs. Great value for money compared to many others available.5
AA BatterySpudlA great rechargeable battery and reasonable priced.5
Epicheartache74Perfect and very convenient being ready to use5
Excellent price, life and charge capacityG8HKSThese NiMH cells are excellent and are equal to the best in the market costing much more. I bought my first pack 2 years ago and another just before Christmas so I could rotate them through various battery powered light sets. The old ones still have the same capacity as the new ones - just over the labelled 2450 mAh. They also hold their charge for a long time when not in use without any significant loss, unlike a standard NiMH cell which self-discharges approx 10% per month. The only other rechargeable that meets this spec is the Panasonic Eneloop - and they are well over twice the price of these!5
Last for yonksWadadli_CoolerBeen using these for some time in a wildlife camera. They last for 6 months or more between charges. Genuinely hold a lot of charge. Apparently these are re-badged Eneloops which are far more expensive.5
Bought to replace batteries in home phonesJAM61Batteries in home phones were beginning to lose their charge quickly - replacement batteries much cheaper than new phones!!5
Ynnos27Works As expected.. Recommended5
Great batteriesRotto108Just as good as the big brand and far cheaper5
Good capacity and priceAlexjwI have used these in high current drain torches and low current radios and they perform well.They deliver power for a surprisingly long time in torches and last for ages in the radio suggesting low self discharge. Good value for money.5
Ladda batteryJust JohnThe batteries work fine and competitively priced, have needed to charge yet ...3
always value fore moneyluther1949the rechargeable batteries area always value for money - BUT WHY ARE BATTERIES DISAPPEARING FROM HE STORE!!!5
Fab value for moneySusan SwannThe best value for money rechargeable batteries around Always get from ikea5
OkSean21Great price for excellent product.5
Perfect for power hungry gadgetsHOWAY TURNBought as sick of keep buying none rechargeables that I'm using daily, the LADDA 2450 Batteries last quite a long time5

Stay charged

A LADDA rechargeable battery comes pre-charged and you can charge it up to 500 times. So you’ll get a lot more energy for all your battery-operated devices. And you’ll rarely have to buy new batteries, which is a much kinder alternative for the environment.

Rechargeable batteryHR6 AA 1.2V

£5.50/ 4 pack
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LADDA Rechargeable battery, HR6 AA 1.2V


£5.50/ 4 pack