LACK Wall shelf, white/high-gloss, 59x26 cm

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The shelf becomes one with the wall thanks to the concealed mounting hardware.Different wall materials require different types of fixing devices. Use fixing devices suitable for the walls in your home, sold separately.Max. load 3 kg depending on type of wall and fastening.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

  • Shelf:Particleboard, Fibreboard, Plastic edging, Acrylic paint
    Filling material:Honeycomb structure paper filling (min. 70% recycled)
    Wipe clean with a cloth dampened in a mild cleaner.Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
  • LACKWall shelfArticle no.:603.096.52
    Width: 26 cmHeight: 5 cmLength: 59 cmWeight: 1.46 kgPackage(s): 1
  • Assembly instructionsLACK Wall shelf603.096.52

Product size

59 cm
26 cm
5 cm
Max. load/shelf: 
3 kg


Poor design and not fit for purposeVeekI wish I had seen the reviews! Wasted £22 on two of these shelves. They attach to the wall by hanging off two screws which means they cannot take any weight, are flimsy and cannot do the job they are meant for. I don’t know how Ikea can justify the price tag for the quality of these but they are not worth any money when they can’t do the job they are designed for1
Deep dive in qualityDogsharkBought 4 of these a couple of years ago and they were great. Just bought 2 more and they've done away with the solid mounting bracket. And instead moutong these rely on just a couple of screws. Completely inadequate. I mean I got them on the wall using plasterboard fixings but there is no chance of putting anything other than the very lightest of objects on these shelves. Awful decision by ikea. Not the first product I've noticed taking a dip in quality. Please avoid.1
AvoidFroglet woodAbsolutely terrible with flimsy fittings that are not weight bearing1
Nice handy sizeDave MannGood quality and value easy to install5
Terrible - both I bought had failed in short ordergipsymagpieThis variant of the shelves is very poor. It seems to install ok but both of ours failed inside and fell off the wall.1
Doesn"t match, very weakTechiedaveShelf has same attachments as the tiny shelves making it very weak. Added to which it is only in gloss white which doesn't match the white of the rest of the shelves. Wish I had noticed that. Can't return now as I unpacked it but no where in my house to put a weak shelf held up on two tiny screws.1
Absolute RubbishShanefffThe 110cm ones are great to fit nice bracket and feel sturdy, these don't have same brackets and don't fit well on the wall, if they had same bracket as 110cm these would be great will return when store reopens1
Lack shelfChelle94Absolute rubbish! Don’t waste your time nor money on this!!! The redesign is rubbish was much better with the proper bracket!!!1
Lack ShelfRadleyWrightTerrible design just using two small brackets to hold shelf up. Very difficult to install - you are better off purchasing a floating g shelf as this does not fit flush to wall at all as so difficult to get it to fit tight due to lip round edge of shelf. Will be returning.1
Not a particularly good productddd666We have used the larger lack shelves elsewhere in our house, and they have been really good. However, these smaller shelves are useless and really difficult to fit properly. I have spent the last hour trying to put these shelves up and get them flush, when it should be a 10 minute job. If you are going to buy these shelves, use some spare timber as a template to make sure that you get the spacings right!1
Poor designFrustrated34This product design has changed and is now not fit for purpose, i had to return the product due to the terrible design, i was told that for plasterboard walls you need to screw into the joist otherwise they wont work, this isn't always where you want the shelf so if you have plasterboard walls i wouldn't bother with these shelves. My money was refunded after some interrogation!1
Waste of time and moneyLegolassThe fitting is shoddy. Very fiddly to achieve tight fit against wall - trial and error giving the screws a quarter/half turn fit and refit the shelf 'til you get it right. Loose fit means drooping shelf!! Too much adjustment, and the screw itself becomes too loosein the wall. Move the shelf, begin again, and don't forget filler to fix the holes where you first botched it. Bought three, two are going back.1
Good to put x box onClive 1964Well I just bought this and looks the part, but when I arrived home I realised that you have to buy the wall mount separate, so am now 50 miles from the store. Really annoying. Not a happy bunny3
Perfect productEamsyShelf looks great, so easy to fit. Measure the distance between the two slots on back of the shelf, mark two holes same distance apart on your wall, level up marks on wall using spirit level, drill holes and use suitable plugs for your wall type, put screws into wall and adjust screw depth until shelf fits snug and tight to the wall. Perfect.5
Difficulty with bracket alignmentJuicy LucyThe distance between the 2 hanging brackets are not as specified in the accompanying info sheet. There was a difference of 2.5mm which doesn’t sound much but having drilled the holes precisely it was impossible to line the bracket holes up & consequently the shelf surface was damaged. Word of advice - measure the centre point distances on the hanging brackets on the shelves before drilling the wall! I ended up moving the bracket on the shelf to line up with the drilled holes. The poor rating for ease of installation was because it took so long to line everything up on what should have been a very simple job.3
Sarahq99Disappointed no fixings supplied and the shelf is held up by 2 screws1
Not fit for purposeAlex040911Furious with myself for not reading the reviews before buying these shelves. Due to the completely inadequate fixings they will not hold any weight at all. Completely useless.1
ShelfTinytineDisappointed, no use for hollow walls as pulled out plugs, wouldn't trust it for anything unless it works better on solid walls3
Useless designStu66geezAs other 1 star reviews. Fixings are virtually impossible to fix the shelf to in order to give a flush fitting support. Cannot take any weight. A complete waste of money. Do not buy. And IKEA - if you have any integrity you will withdraw this product or change it’s design so that it is similar to the larger lack shelves.1
Lacking Wall ShelfJohn in ExeterUnlike the larger Lack shelves, the shorter ones do not fix to the wall using a metal plate, rather they rely on 2 small key hole type brackets that are meant to fit over a pair of screws placed in the wall. This makes them very wobbly and unable to stay level once angthing but the lightest of items is placed on them. I returned them and bought a better set from a well known DIY store instead.1

Wall shelf, white/high-gloss59x26 cm

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LACK Wall shelf, white/high-gloss, 59x26 cm