KAFFEREP Oat biscuits, chocolate/UTZ certified
KAFFEREP Oat biscuits, chocolate/UTZ certified
KAFFEREP Oat biscuits, chocolate/UTZ certified

One of the most loved Swedish traditions is fika – socialising over coffee and cookies. With sweet treats in the KAFFEREP series, we want to share the tradition so more can enjoy memorable fika moments.

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Sweet crunchy, and delicate oat biscuits filled with exquisite dark chocolate.UTZ certified cacao: ensures sustainable farming standards and good conditions for workers.Conveniently served as they are. For example with coffee and good friends as “fika” – coffee break Swedish style.For information about the product including ingredients, allergens and nutritional values, please see the images of the product package.IKEA always strives to provide you correct information, but over time it is possible that ingredients and product labels may change for our food.We therefore ask you to always check the product label on the package before use and not rely solely on the information provided on the website.Store dry at room temperature.Once opened store in an airtight container at room temperature.
Article Number603.748.93
  • KAFFEREPOat biscuitsArticle no.603.748.93
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So good!Verified Buyernever tasted anything better.5
Fave biscuitsVerified BuyerMy kids and I love these; I can't resist grabbing a box whenever I come to Ikea.5
NastyVerified BuyerThese taste awful & very hard such a shame as I was looking forward to them after a long shop in IKEA1
Nice tasty iat biscuits can"tVerified BuyerNice tasty iat biscuits can't get enough if them5
Great tasteVerified BuyerThis is the first time i have bought these biscuits and i was really impressed with the flavour and taste5
Too delicious to leave alone!George HodgsonThe only negative thing I can say is that they don’t last long enough! A buy a box, put it in the biscuit barrel and like magic, they are gone. Absolutely delicious. Also love the ones without chocolate too and I was devastated when they’d gone as IKEA was closed!!5
Naughty but nicecotte123These biscuits are just too good, pick up a pack every time we go.5
Amazingbiscuitboygreat flavour and texture. Big box for the price5
Too yummyDiana 123Other biscuits aren’t the same. They don’t stay around long. Ok5
LushBod63Lush - best biscuits out there.5
Extra crunchyHaticeTJJust love the crunchiness and the taste. Will definitely get some more next time.5
Annika SirmonTaste great but them every time I go to Ikea.5
Kafferep oaty biscuitsGin loverThese biscuits are now our family favourite they're so so nice. Two delicious oat biscuits sandwiched together with chocolate you just want to eat more.5
THE Best Biscuits!!CookieFiendHonestly can’t get enough of these biscuits, so crunchy and chocolatey. Would recommend!5
Gorgeous biscuits.Milli66Gorgeous oaty biscuits sandwiched around a rich chocolate middle. Very moorish.5
Yummy biscuitsLisa32These are the best biscuits. Good quality and size and packaged well .... you can never just have one!5
Kafferap Oat BiscuitsJDPBThese biscuits are great, really crunchy but not too sweet, a real treat. Can't wait until you reopen to get some more.4
VinneyLovely biscuit great price5
Oaty chocolate biscuitsWonderful flavourNever last long in our house5
Great anytime biscuitvjshopA really crunchy biscuit with the bonus os chocolate Two tasty crunchy biscuits with the bonus of a little chocolate holding them together, what's not to like?!! They are great with a cuppa or to just finish off a meal. Because they are crisp they travel well and can be packed up in a picnic. Whatever else we buy at Ikea, we always go in the shop for a packet of these biscuits. Would it be possible to have a little less sugar in them?5
KAFFEREP Oat biscuits, chocolate/UTZ certified

Sharing a Swedish tradition with the world

Have you ever had a cup of coffee and a sweet treat to go with it? Then, unknowingly, you’ve experienced one of Sweden’s most beloved traditions – fika. It's no exaggeration to say everyone in Sweden has fika. But as people get busier and busier, homemade fika is no longer the norm. Between work and family and hobbies, there's a need for an easier option. This is where the KAFFEREP series comes in.

KAFFEREP offers biscuits, pastries and treats inspired by our love for fika and everything it stands for. You'll find traditional favourites like oat biscuits and ginger thins. We're stocking our Swedish Food Market with everything you need for fika, so it's easy for anyone to share in our treasured tradition.

Fika in a modern world

Jenny Odenmo is one of the IKEA co-workers who helped introduce KAFFEREP. She enjoys fika moments with co-workers at the office and with friends or neighbours who stop by. But Jenny has a busy life and there's not a lot of time to spare. "My kids like to bake. I like to bake, but I wouldn't say we bake every week. It’s just not possible. We don't have the time. So I always have a fika back-up in the cupboards," says Jenny. "We're a modern family and we need the convenience." Jenny's cupboard back-ups are, in fact, some of her favourites to eat. The KAFFEREP oat biscuits with chocolate have a particularly hard time lasting very long in her home. "They have this amazing dark chocolate in between crispy biscuits. I open a pack and they disappear."

Sharing the love for fika

Now that IKEA offers both great coffee and tasty treats, fika is more accessible. "The KAFFEREP offer is quite wide," says Jenny. "We have a good mix in place. It's all you need really, to have a good fika moment."

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Oat biscuits, chocolate/UTZ certified

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KAFFEREP Oat biscuits, chocolate/UTZ certified


£3.95/ 0.6 kg